Lot 48: and he gave them healthcare

June 12, 2017

and he gave them healthcare

with father's day coming up, i wanted to share some stories about my dad. or really, i just wanted to brag.

i think you all know my dad is a doctor but what you dont know is that nearly 20 years ago he started a free medical clinic.
the cinic

my mom and dad at the annual clinic gala.

20 years ago he was in a medical society meeting when he first heard the County where we lived had a doubled rate of uninsured people than in the rest of the state of utah. 16% of people were uninsured in washington County, as opposed to the 8% in the greater salt lake area. my dad being the amazing man he is, decided to do something about it.

a few months later he came back to the medical society with a plan to start a Doctors Free Clinic; a place where people could receive medical care completely for free.

the demographic my dad was aiming for when he opened the clinic were the people who made too much for welfare but not enough to buy insurance. my dad said the clinic is “a community solution to a national problem.”

he first started the clinic at the homeless shelter. the clinic became so busy that they outgrew the space they had rented very fast.

my dad put an ad in the paper asking for free land in exchange for a tax break. within a month, he had received a piece of land worth half a million dollars for free. then he bgan raising funds to build a clinic and succeeded his goal of $70,000 and raised $80,000.

a close friend of our family owns a very large construction company and my dad asked him if he was willing to help build the clinc. the company and its workers went above and beyond to make the clinic a nice place. upon completion, the clinic was graciously billed for only $80,000 for a $250,000 job.

the clinic serves so many people in my hometown. these are old stats, but in 2012, the clinic saw more than 12,000 patients and currently costs $240,000 a year to run.

several years ago, my dad decided to expand. the clinic was "filling like gangbusters." he approached his construction friend asked if he would “do it again.” the friend did indeed do it again, donating $260,000 of labor and materials. The add-on was completed six summers ago and included five more exam rooms, a mental health wing, and offices.

several years ago my dad won a national award for the clinic, not that he cares about awards. i am so proud of him and honored to be his daughter. i always stress what to get him for fathers day because he is the best dad a girl could ask for.

thanks for allowing me to share this story with you!


  1. Your dad sounds like an amazing person who has done some good in the world

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  3. That is wonderful! The world needs more caring people like him

  4. That's incredible. I love that your dad found a way to address a critical community need in such a meaningful way!

  5. I love this! What an amazing dad you have!

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