Lot 48: husband's business trips

May 25, 2017

husband's business trips

taran recently got promoted at work. a promotion that he had been working towards for a long time. a promotion where his talents are not wasted and where he shines.

the problem with this is that it comes with travel. travel that isnt far, but travel nontheless. last week he was in santa ana all week and this week he is in carlsbad.

we dont do well without each other. ive gotten a lot better at being independent since we were first married and i can proudly say i handle when he is away with grace. but when he is away i feel really, really alone.

i know it is hard for everyone when their other half is away. but taran and i are very fortunate. we dont have kids yet so we have the ability to make these business trips flexible.

when he was in santa ana, he commuted for a few days and then i went to santa stayed in his hotel one night and commuted to work via train.

this week, it is impossible for him to commute because it is so far and trains dont leave LA that early to get to carlsbad on time for his work and driving in traffic that way would he a nightmare. but me taking the train after work and in the morning works great. its a long ride but it is worth it to be together.

a lot of couples cant do this and i feel very lucky that we can. couples with children have to single handedly take care of the kids and that is just chaos! my heart goes out to those warrior women who handle that all by themselves!

these trips will be regular thing, once every 2-3 months. we will get better at being apart but right now, i kind of like it. its like mini mini teeny tiny sexy vacations where i go to meet my man in a different city and we stay in a hotel and cuddle and more 😉 and its really romantic.

but having these trips two weeks in a row is just ridiculous. its just because of his training that comes with the promotion. he wont have to go on another trip for a while thank goodness.

i realize im really lucky and we are slightly ridiculous that we go to all this trouble to be together but i dont care. if we can do this, why wouldnt we?

ive lost my point. im a good wife. i really like my husband. taking the train is fun and i like our sexy rendevouez. the end.

how do you handle it when your other half is away?

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  1. On the rare occasions when Tim goes away without me I love it, when I was a child my dads job would often take him away for three or four days at a time and it was something mum got used to and ended up enjoying and when my brother and sister were little he went to work in Sydney for 6 months and she also didn't mind that


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