Lot 48: birthday wish list

May 15, 2017

birthday wish list

1. i have been wanting a kylie lip kit for a while now and really love nearly all the colors, but especially love this one.  that girl knows how to make a lipgloss! 

2. there are really two screenwriting books you need: save the cat by blake snyder which i already have and story by robert mckee.  i haven't ready story but can't wait too.  any chance i can get to learn about my craft i will take. 

3. my mom does pilates and swears by it.  i really want to try it out and stick with it.  i think it would really tone me and i love working out.  i really do! i think it is my 12 years as a dancer that makes me grave physical activity.  my body craves it and so do i!

4. hollywood bowl tickets.  more specfically, la la land in concert at the hollywood bowl! 

5. this peplum top.  i love peplum tops.  they are so flattery, flirty and girly.  especially when they come in bright colors! 

6. good american jeans. ever since i saw the reviews for khloe kardashian's new jeans line i really wanted a pair.  man, they are expensive! but what are birthdays for, right?  to get expensive presents! i heard they fit all body types really well and are really comfortable.  

can't wait for my birthday!  to be honest, i am a little honest to be turing 27.  i thought i would be farther along in my career by now.  but still, i will embrace this new year and look back on all the accomplishments  i have made and the wonderful blessings i have in life.


  1. Pilates is great! I love half cadillac, half reformer classes! Let us know if you try it! And I didn't know we were the same age!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

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