Lot 48: 3 things

May 16, 2017

3 things

i am stealing this post from the lovely steph from insert classy here.

3 things i'd never give up - God, husband, family.  material things: shaving my legs, phone, and computer.

3 favorite vegetables - carrots, celery and water chestnuts.  i love all those things in a salad and better yet, in a stir fry!!

3 shows i watched faithfully from beginning to end - you would think this would be an easy one to answer but it isn't!  i almost watched castle from beginning to end but when kate pushed castle away shortly after they got married to solve this obsession of hers i was done.  they were meant to be together why was she throwing it all away?!

3 places i want to visit inside the US - boston, new orleans, vermont in fall.

3 places i want to visit outside the US - greece, amsterdam, venice.

3 things i always have with me - phone, eos chapstick, and advil.th

3 things that are always in my car - my work badge, my clicker to open my apartment gate and mascara.

3 most recent calls were from/to - mom, my sister, and my mother in law.

3 most used makeup products - mascara (i use 3!: as a base which is a game changer and makes your lashes a million times longer and thicker is loreal voluminous primer, rimmel london wonder'lash with argan oil (makes for soft and sleek lashes,) the rocket by maybelline, now THAT gives you big eyelashes)  eyeliner (rimmel london scandaleyes or revlon color stay depending on my mood) and powder (loreal truematch powder).  i have never been a foundation girl.  i hate how it feels that it gets over everything your face touches, like your clothes and your phone.  i just powder my face to even out redness.

3 things that make me laugh - physical humor like people falling down, walkig though glass, falling off couches, whatever. dog humor. just dogs being funny. and little kids swearing.

3 things that make me cry - anything form of media that says YOU CAN DO IT!! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! stories where lovers who are meant to be together are torn apart. stories of little kids being picked on.

now its your turn! share with me your 3 things!


  1. I just finished writing my 3 Things post! I've just started my blog and I'm open to comments, suggestions, and feedback! Check it out and let me know what you think! https://thisbeautifuldisasterlife.wordpress.com/

  2. That's right when I stopped watching Castle too! I was like, "Quit trying to keep them apart and just let them be interesting together!"


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