Lot 48: May 2017

May 25, 2017

husband's business trips

taran recently got promoted at work. a promotion that he had been working towards for a long time. a promotion where his talents are not wasted and where he shines.

the problem with this is that it comes with travel. travel that isnt far, but travel nontheless. last week he was in santa ana all week and this week he is in carlsbad.

we dont do well without each other. ive gotten a lot better at being independent since we were first married and i can proudly say i handle when he is away with grace. but when he is away i feel really, really alone.

i know it is hard for everyone when their other half is away. but taran and i are very fortunate. we dont have kids yet so we have the ability to make these business trips flexible.

when he was in santa ana, he commuted for a few days and then i went to santa stayed in his hotel one night and commuted to work via train.

this week, it is impossible for him to commute because it is so far and trains dont leave LA that early to get to carlsbad on time for his work and driving in traffic that way would he a nightmare. but me taking the train after work and in the morning works great. its a long ride but it is worth it to be together.

a lot of couples cant do this and i feel very lucky that we can. couples with children have to single handedly take care of the kids and that is just chaos! my heart goes out to those warrior women who handle that all by themselves!

these trips will be regular thing, once every 2-3 months. we will get better at being apart but right now, i kind of like it. its like mini mini teeny tiny sexy vacations where i go to meet my man in a different city and we stay in a hotel and cuddle and more 😉 and its really romantic.

but having these trips two weeks in a row is just ridiculous. its just because of his training that comes with the promotion. he wont have to go on another trip for a while thank goodness.

i realize im really lucky and we are slightly ridiculous that we go to all this trouble to be together but i dont care. if we can do this, why wouldnt we?

ive lost my point. im a good wife. i really like my husband. taking the train is fun and i like our sexy rendevouez. the end.

how do you handle it when your other half is away?

May 16, 2017

3 things

i am stealing this post from the lovely steph from insert classy here.

3 things i'd never give up - God, husband, family.  material things: shaving my legs, phone, and computer.

3 favorite vegetables - carrots, celery and water chestnuts.  i love all those things in a salad and better yet, in a stir fry!!

3 shows i watched faithfully from beginning to end - you would think this would be an easy one to answer but it isn't!  i almost watched castle from beginning to end but when kate pushed castle away shortly after they got married to solve this obsession of hers i was done.  they were meant to be together why was she throwing it all away?!

3 places i want to visit inside the US - boston, new orleans, vermont in fall.

3 places i want to visit outside the US - greece, amsterdam, venice.

3 things i always have with me - phone, eos chapstick, and advil.th

3 things that are always in my car - my work badge, my clicker to open my apartment gate and mascara.

3 most recent calls were from/to - mom, my sister, and my mother in law.

3 most used makeup products - mascara (i use 3!: as a base which is a game changer and makes your lashes a million times longer and thicker is loreal voluminous primer, rimmel london wonder'lash with argan oil (makes for soft and sleek lashes,) the rocket by maybelline, now THAT gives you big eyelashes)  eyeliner (rimmel london scandaleyes or revlon color stay depending on my mood) and powder (loreal truematch powder).  i have never been a foundation girl.  i hate how it feels that it gets over everything your face touches, like your clothes and your phone.  i just powder my face to even out redness.

3 things that make me laugh - physical humor like people falling down, walkig though glass, falling off couches, whatever. dog humor. just dogs being funny. and little kids swearing.

3 things that make me cry - anything form of media that says YOU CAN DO IT!! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! stories where lovers who are meant to be together are torn apart. stories of little kids being picked on.

now its your turn! share with me your 3 things!

May 15, 2017

birthday wish list

1. i have been wanting a kylie lip kit for a while now and really love nearly all the colors, but especially love this one.  that girl knows how to make a lipgloss! 

2. there are really two screenwriting books you need: save the cat by blake snyder which i already have and story by robert mckee.  i haven't ready story but can't wait too.  any chance i can get to learn about my craft i will take. 

3. my mom does pilates and swears by it.  i really want to try it out and stick with it.  i think it would really tone me and i love working out.  i really do! i think it is my 12 years as a dancer that makes me grave physical activity.  my body craves it and so do i!

4. hollywood bowl tickets.  more specfically, la la land in concert at the hollywood bowl! 

5. this peplum top.  i love peplum tops.  they are so flattery, flirty and girly.  especially when they come in bright colors! 

6. good american jeans. ever since i saw the reviews for khloe kardashian's new jeans line i really wanted a pair.  man, they are expensive! but what are birthdays for, right?  to get expensive presents! i heard they fit all body types really well and are really comfortable.  

can't wait for my birthday!  to be honest, i am a little honest to be turing 27.  i thought i would be farther along in my career by now.  but still, i will embrace this new year and look back on all the accomplishments  i have made and the wonderful blessings i have in life.

May 8, 2017

my parents have a "grey's anatomy" love story

i am reposting this in honor of my parents 34th anniversary that was yesterday. i love my parents love story and have always thought it was movie love. a great love story for the ages.
my parents have an epic love story. and i love it. my parents have the kind of love that has always been an example to me and is the kind of love that i always wanted. my parents will be married 31 years in a few weeks. and they are still obsessed with each other. and it is completely adorable.

my dad is a doctor, my mom is a nurse. so maybe it isn't quuuuite like mer and derek because they aren't both doctors, but still. my dad did his internship right after med school in michigan, where my mom was a nurse and where she was from and had lived her entire life. my dad was asleep in the on call room when my mom called him and woke him up and said he needed to come look at a patient. he went to the patient's room (the patient thought she was at home on her couch and was super crazy i guess) where he saw my mom for the first time. he says that when he first saw her, he did a double take and thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen (ps. she is because my mom is really, really, really gorgeous. like the kind of gorgeous that doesn't come around very often because she is THAT beautiful). there was one problem though. she was engaged. my dad was living with his sister at the time, and i have lived with his sister twice, for two summers in college. my aunt told me once that when my dad came home from the hospital that night, he said "i have met the woman i am going to marry. but she's engaged. but i don't care." (my dad claims he doesn't remember saying this).

this is the part of the story where my dad get really funny and likes to boast that he store her away from her fiance and my mom says she was already having doubts when she met my dad. my dad likes to say that my mom just couldn't resist him and he just swept her off her feet. who knows. my dad refers to my mom's fiance as "twinkle toes" because i guess he saw him dance once??? and he was an awkward dancer i guess?? i don't know the guy's real name. anyway. after my mom broke off her engagement (by the way my dad was the EIGHTH man to propose to my mom. like i said, she is really really beautiful and smart and nurturing and lovely and everything good) my parents started dating. my dad went back to utah after his year long internship ended and five months later, my mom followed him. after 3 years of breaking up and getting back together and breaking up and getting back together and cars getting set on fire (long story. grey's anatomy worthy, i'm tellin ya!) he FINALLY proposed in a restaurant that overlooked the salt lake valley and put the ring in the dessert. 31 years later, they have four children and 6 grandchildren. and my mom still touches up her makeup before my dad gets home because she is so excited to see him and still hold hands and my dad still puts a big pillow in her spot of the bed when she is out of town because he hates sleeping without her.

epic love. that's my parents got. and i am so grateful. because of them, i didn't settle for anything less, and that's what i got. and i can't wait for our kids to watch my husband and i be so madly in love while they grow up, and see that they should never settle for anything less. circle of life!!

i love my parents. can you tell?
happy 34th anniversary mom and dad! thank you for loving each other and showing me what a good marriage looks like. love you both.

May 2, 2017

"this business"

if you don't know the clothing company poppy and dot, you are missing out! i linked to their instagram and not their website because their instagram is much more fun.  and this post is not sponsored, although i wish it was.

i spend a lot of time working really, really hard to break into this business.  i kind of love that the people in this business just call it "this business."  because i don't want to say "hi! i'm trying to break into the entertinment industry! more specifically, tv! more specifically!  more specifically, comedy! preferably single camera comedy."  so much easier to just squeeze all that into "this business."

i remember when i was interning here six years ago and i was on the phone with my mom.  it was maybe my first or second week here and i was telling her that the people here are creative but business.  creative but bossy.  creative but pushy.  creative but level headed.  that is what a producer was to me at the time.  i told my mom i had found my people.  i had finally found where i fit in.  and that is still true as true today as it was then.

all my life i have been too pushy, too rude, too blunt, too intrusive, too this or too that.  in utah, this was a huge problem in the job market.  at one job, i was specifically told i was too pushy.  i never saw that as a bad thing but in that job i guess it was.  i wanted to make sure people got my emails and if they didn't respond and something had to get done, heck yes i emailed them more than once.

but here, i'm not too pushy.  i'm not too blunt.  i'm not too intrusive.  i'm not too this or that.  i'm just right.  i have to be pushy.  if i wasn't i would get nowhere and i wouldn't break into this business.  i would just sit around waiting for life to happen.  i would apply for jobs instead of making contacts and meeting people because in this town that is how you get jobs.  there really isn't another way.  even people who aren't in this business know its all about who you know.  i have no shame.  i talk to everyone.  i am not rude about it, i know when to give up on pushing, but i ask everyone i know who they know, and then i talk to them and then i ask who they know and then i talk to them and then i just make a fool of myself over and over asking people for advice and "can you give me a call i just need 5 minutes of your time" over and over again.  i can't tell you how many old contacts of mine i've talked to since i got here that i made six years ago who are now producers who when i first emailed then their response was, "wait, who are you?" but i pushed and darnnit if i didn't talk to them on the phone and get their advice and insight that was helpful and gave me new ideas and new avenues to try.

my mouth is tired of saying and my fingers are tired of typing "i'm a writer.  i want to work in tv.  i want to be in production.  i would love to work for a tv exec.  i would kill to be a writer's assistant.  i would kill to be an office pa on a show."

its embarrassing how many times i have facebook messaged/instagram messaged strangers who were friends of friends things like "hi! i'm friends with this person and i think its so amazing that you did this and wow" and this and that i blunder my way through it because i don't know what to say or how to gracefully scream PLEASE HELP ME I WILL WORK FOR AIR.

and oh just wait until i finish my pilot and i start pushing my script onto poor innocent people.  that will be a whole new level of humiliation that i am not looking forward to.

but this is where i fit.  here i'm not too pushy!! kazaa! and here not knowing how to relax and working from the moment i wake up until the moment i go to sleep nobody looks and me like "why are trying to make us all look bad just chill."

i love this california sunshine and all the trees and that it smells good whenever you're outside and did i mention the TREES? i have never lived anywhere with this many trees!  i love the people in this business and that they are all just like me.  i love that i fit in.  everyone wants that.

now pardon me while i go humiliate myself and talk to some more strangers.