Lot 48: where do you see yourself in five years?

April 19, 2017

where do you see yourself in five years?

you get asked this question all the time in job interviews. so you ever know what to say? if it is for a job you really want and for a job that will get you on a career path you want, i bet you have a really great answer. when i was working out of college in utah, i never knew how to answer that question because all i wanted to do was write for tv. i didn't want to be at the company i was interviewing at for more than a year or two. i just wanted to be in LA living my dream as soon as possible so i always made up some crap response that i thought made the interviewer happy.

but what personally? that question might be harder to answer. i really don't have a good answer for where i will be personally in five years. i am sure, i will have at least one kid. i don't know if we will have a house by then. i know we will still live in LA because we are going to live here forever. i don't know where tarans career is going to be.

but i i do have an idea of where my career will be. if i was asked in an interview "where do you see she yourself in 5 years" i would actually be able to answer honestly.

in 5 years i see myself on a writing staff of a show. i wish i could realistically say that i would be farther along than that but i mean, i just got to LA. this city is rough. and really frustrating. i am trying harder than i ever have to be patient.

im really blessed to have the job i have now but i need to get into tv asap. i have several people around me, acquaintances of acquaintances who are writers assistances which is the job that i would kill for. and i get green with envy and i have to take a step back and think "i just got here. 3 months ago! i am doing really well for 3 months ago! really well!"

i try to write and do my aaron sorkin master class for about 3 hours every night when i get home. i'm learning. i'm so hungry to learn. and grow. what i would give to be a writers assistant! to be in a writers room!!

it's all who you know but we all know that so well just saying it is beating a dead horse that's already been bludgeoned. i do my best to push myself and talk to EVERYONE because you never know who is who. just the other day i was in the food cart line for lunch and i heard people talking about how they were in a tv show and one was an editor and so i asked them "what show are you in?" and they said "dancing with the stars" and i said "oh cool! are they hiring PA! (production assistants. good place to start in this biz.) and he said they were fully staffed but i should have given him my info just in case! but i didn't because my dear friend already worked on that show so i already had an in there.

where will i be in 5 years! freaking making writing my slave and i WILL be in a writers room.

where will you be in 5 years?

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