Lot 48: we will do allll the things

April 21, 2017

we will do allll the things

how is everybody doing? this week has been ROUGH. im just going through something right now. send prayers my way okay?

onto happier things

i'm sure you have seen on instagram that i got a new gorgeous niece! her name is vienna rose and isn't she beautiful? i can't wait to meet her. my sister lives in northern california and we are found to go meet her once all the visitors and family die down and things aren't so hectic. she looks like a dream and so angelic. i haven't even met her yet and i miss her already!!

we have another baby joining our family soon. my other sister is due with a baby boy at the end of may! so close to the end of may that me and the little guy might actually have the same birthday!! i would love that!! there are a lot of birthdays at the end of may in my family.

the most exciting thing about this weekend is my dad is coming to visit! i'm so excited! no one is my family really knows about LA or has ever really spent much time here. my dad figured he should spend some time with me while my mom was with my sister and vienna. i can't wait! he is flying his plane into van nuys tonight and i can't WAIT! it means so much to me that he is coming. i have a whole list of things i want us to do. it does make me nervous when he flies long distances but he is a very very careful pilot. that picture above is of him with his oldest grandchild, my nephew eli. say prayers that he flies safe! my dad really is the coolest. i can't wait for him to get here. i will take him everywhere and we will do all the touristy things that you should do when you come to LA. it will be awesome. and i have a surprise that i will write about next week! but you will all be jealous! keep an eye out on instagram!

i am really hiting it hard with my writing. i have been doing aaron sorkin's master class everyday but for some reason i get so tired when i get home and usually end up falling asleep. not that it isn't interesting! i just want to learn as much as i can about writing and who is better to learn from aaron sorkin? oh. that would be shonda rhimes. especially if you want to write to tv, like i do. so i got her masterclass as well! i love all this learning i'm doing!

haply friday everyone! have a good one!

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