Lot 48: this week went by fast

April 7, 2017

this week went by fast

first, i got my hair cut! what do you think? 

i wanted to look like jenna tatum, i wanted the cut above, but i think in order to look like that, you just have to be jenna tatum. and i am sooo not.  

anyway, this week i was supposed to go to the james cordon show.

but it didn't happen. and now james and i are in a fight.

now that i live in LA, i want to go to tapings for everything.  all my favorite shows, pilots, talk shows, everything. i am going to write a separate post on how you can get tickets to your favorite shows you can experience the excitement of a live taping like i wrote about on verbal gold blog.  

anyway, where james cordon's studio is in the middle of the grove mall.  the grove mall is this beautiful outdoor mall that is very large and very nice. we had to trek across it very quickly because i had insisted that i get my hair cut before the show cause hello, i want be on tv. and also i hate having long hair and it was driving me crazy.

we had priority tickets so we went straight to the front of the line. they scanned our tickets and asked to see our IDs. my heart dropped. the rules had been very specific that no backpacks were allowed. since i don't like purses, i have a back pack instead and had left it in the car, along with my license. curse words were said.

before i go furthur let me explain something. i a taping, you want to keep the audience very, very happy. you want them to clap, be enthusiastic and have a good time. when we saw seth meyers in new york, there were comfy seats to sit on and everything was very organized.

this was not the case at james cordon. we were standing in the swelederig sun on fairfax avenue, a busy street, with no shade.

taran ran ran back to the car to go get my license and i was told to wait to the side in the shameless sweltering sun. i know this may sound bratty but i have been to enough studio tours and tapings to know this is not how the audience should be treated. why couldn't we wait inside? i was getting increasingly pissed as everyone in the priority line went inside and i was still outside in heels waiting for taran to get back.

there re was also a dress code. dress code of "upscale casual." which meant no t-shirts, shorts, jeans, flip-flops or plummer but cracks. fine. but this meant i was standing in a dress and heels and nice jewlery in the middle of the sidewalk like a hobo. and i had to put taran in his nicest jeans and shoes he wears with a suit which the poor man doesn't like. i was just getting more pissed off by the second.

taran got back with my ID and since i had been waiting to the side, i was hoping they would let me in since i was priority oh so important. but no. they made us go to the back of the line.

by this time my feet were really hurting and i has declared she james cordon my sworn enemy. i know myself. and i know that no matter if it is something i have spent months looking forward to, if in the moment when its happening, if i know i am not going to enjoy myself and am just going to blow up at people and stew, i know it's best to leave the situation before things get worse.

so we left.

and i felt really good about the decision. but also very furious. this probably doesn't make a lot of sense to a lot of people, but i have a history of exploding when it's uncalled for, and i have learned that it's best to walk away before things get worse.

i was furious i had taken a half day off work to essentially waste my time and that now i would have to make up my hours the rest of the week. i was very honest with work about why i was leaving early and i promised to make up the time which i have. it also makes me mad that the episode that i was supposed to be at made enews. the clip where christine baranski and claire danes act out "roar." i should have been there!! stupid james cordon!!

but it at least i got to spend extra hours with my honey that day!!

my oldest sister is past her due date so she will be induced soon and i am so excited to get another little baby in the family!! none of us think she will go into labor naturally, she rarely does. her babies take their sweet time being born.

have an EXCELLENT weekend everyone!

ps. are you excited for Easter? prepare for Easter by remembering His sacrifice and pondering on His life.

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  1. Sounds like a rough day! I'm sorry. At least your hair cut is adorable!

  2. Oh what a week, nice haircut just so you know, sucks when we have rough days like that, I am expecting the next two weeks to go fast with it being school holidays here for two weeks


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