Lot 48: springtime bucket list

April 13, 2017

springtime bucket list

spring is here! one of my favorite seasons!  i have a love/hate relationship with it because it means that summer is next, which is my least favorite season.  i think this year i might hate it less because i will have an ocean to dip in any day i want during the summer.

now that spring is in full swing, i think it is time to put together a spring bucket list! 

1. go on a picnic.  this is absolutely at the top of my list.  griffith park and observatory is always so crowded so its hard for us to get up there and so i have yet to take taran there yet.  but i want to pack a nice picnic and take him to at least the park.  

2. have an easter dinner with family.  this one is fun because we are going to my sister in law's in bakersfield on sunday! i really didn't want to spend easter without family, and we are lucky that taran's sister lives just two hours away.  i can't wait to put together baskets and see my nephews open their baskets.  something i really miss about living close to family is seeing all my babies so often. 

3. go to an outdoor festival.  many cities are already having festivals now that it is getting warmer.  look in your paper or use the magic of google to find a fun outdoor activity to do! 

4. read books at the park.  the second that the season changes to spring, taran and i spend an inaugural spring sunday sitting on park benches and reading books.  it is such a quiet, wonderful lazy sunday afternoon.

5.  go to a zoo.  whether its a zoo with animals or iRazoo, a site that pays your to take surveys! you can take quick surveys about all kinds of topics or even just watch videos while you cook or clean.  you can exchange the money for gift cards which are accepted at many stores such as walmart, target, cvs pharmacy and more.  

i'm really excited about this particular zoo because i have a tendency to spend more than save but i have gotten so much better i promise! but now, if i use iRazoo to its full potential, then i won't have to feel guilty about spending money on fun things! plus, i need new clothes and we all know target has the cutest clothes.  

happy thursday everyone! 


  1. Tomorrow I am having the girls over for lunch homemade chicken tenders and something

  2. This is such a good list! Keith and I went to Griffith Observatory and had a picnic there way back in 2009. It's so beautiful!

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