Lot 48: on getting married young

April 16, 2017

on getting married young

i got married when i was 23.  this might be shocking to some people, not shocking to others.  some might say that i got married too young and at a time when i hadn't "found myself" and i did'n't know who i was and hadn't lived a good single life experience and traveled and had fun in college.  

a lot of people say you have to do that before you get married.  have crazy adventures.  have lots of boyfriends.  get your heart broken a lot.  cross a ton of things off your bucket list before you settle down. 

but i never thought of myself as an average 23 year old.  by the time i got married, i had graduated college, done a study abroad in london, done a internship in LA in the entertainment industry, gotten my heart broken, dated a lot, and had been working professionally.  i was done doing all the single things i wanted to do.  

kelly clarkson said that the one of the reasons why she was happily married was because she waited until she was in her 30's to get married. because by that time she had found herself. i think part of the magic of marriage is finding yourself with your partner. i have grown so much since i have been married and i know that i wouldn't have made these strides on my own.

marriage pushes you in ways that you can't reach on your own. it's beautiful. i'm so grateful that i chose to get married so young. i am so grateful that i chose to start my adventure with my love at such a young age. you really learn about sacrifice and how to be selfless. my brother-in-law told me once that the purpose of marriage when it all boils down is to become more like Christ. and i couldn't have said it better myself.

i know it's a different situation and preference for everyone. i'm not trying to ruffle feathers. i'm just explaining why i believe in my own decision. growing and learning with my love by my side had been such a blessing and i wouldn't have traded it for anything.



  1. I am literally in the middle of writing a post on why my perspective changed about not getting married until I was 40. I also got married at 23 but that was never my plan. The gospel, and my understanding of a biblical marriage, is what changed my perspective.

  2. I love this! I also got married young (20), and we grew so much together. I wouldn't change it one bit! Like you said, it's all about finding the right person. :)

  3. I also got married at 23! But it's whatever works for everyone else. At that age, I wanted a partner to go through life with and I cannot imagine the last 5 years without him. Also, dating was the worst thing ever to me.

  4. I also got married at 23 (4 months shy of 24) and it was the best decision for Andy and me. We both feel older than our age due to life experiences.

  5. I was younger then you I was still only 22 when I married Tim I was two months shy of 23, for me it felt right it was what I wanted to do. We are still married, we are still in love and we are still friends. My mum was 20 when she got married and dad was 18 so younger still they are sill married will be their 57th anniversary this year.

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