Lot 48: my 21st birthday

April 27, 2017

my 21st birthday

with my birthday coming up, i wanted to reminisce over a birthday past. my 21st birthday! it was one of the best and since it happened while on my study abroad on london, it isn't on the blog but was on an old blog i had while in london.  a lot of the content here is taken directly from my birthday post from that blog and i feel its unnecessary to rewrite new content so bear with me as if the narrative sounds different.

it was the perfect fun day in london with my girlfriends.  my birthday was near the end of the study abroad so i had made some great friends that i loved spending the day with.  the day started out at harrods.  

we tried on hats.

and looked at scarves and gloves.

and looked at 1500 pound handbags.

then i got "birthday cake", a delicious pastry from the bakery.

then we went to one of the magical places of all. the chocolate bar. yes. harrods has a chocolate bar. since I don't drink, what better bar to go to on my 21st birthday than a chocolate bar?

i got a milk chocolate shot. it is straight chocolate just melted. its as heavenly as it sounds.

the spoon is half spoon half straw so you can just drink the chocolate if you want to! yes, please!

then we went to Kensington Palace for High Afternoon Tea.

this is the tea room.

we saved a seat for the queen. she never came.  how rude.

I really liked the herbal tea I got and the orange cake was very good.

my friends are the best and are so sweet to spend the day with me!

that night, we went to dinner at Princess Diana's favorite Italian restaurant. it was called Da Mario. and was very, very good. 11 of my friends came to celebrate with me!

they don't do birthday things at the restaurant, but my friend talked the waiter into doing something for me and i got free Tiramisu!

they were all so nice to come and celebrate with me and made me feel so special.

the next day was my actual birthday. i had a picnic in hyde park for lunch.

later that day, we went to Westminster Abbey for Evansong. it was so incredible to see the inside of Westminster for free. the choir sang and it was so beautiful. we sat right next to Handel's memorial which was very surreal.

right after, we went to St. Paul's for an Organ Recital. i like St. Paul's a lot better than Westminster. I think it's prettier and less gothic.

my 21st birthday really is one of my favorite birthdays to date.  with my 23rd being another with taran making it so, so special.  thanks for indulging me and letting me take a walk down memory lane!


  1. Oh goodness I miss London and this does sound like it was a great day!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. As soon as I saw the pictures I was like, "That's Kensington Palace!" I love it there. So pretty. And Westminster Abbey is amazing! I love it better than all the cathedrals in Paris. Yup, ALL of them.

  3. What a fun birthday!!! I especially like the chocolate bar. I would definitely go to that.

  4. You are so lucky to have celebrated your birthday in London surrounded by friends! I would love to visit London one day too.

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