Lot 48: little things

April 10, 2017

little things

a brand new shade of lipstick
freshly painted nails
shirley temples
diamond earrings
a new blog post from a favorite blogger
a good, long hug from my husband
a really yummy lunch
a nice entertaining chat with a coworker to break up the workday
busy workdays that aren't too stressful that fly by
those california palm trees
freshly washed hair
a baby falling asleep in my arms
air conditioning
a working car
finding a new favorite song
no traffic
finding a new show that you get addicted to
my husband surprising me with sweets at the end of a bad day
donut day at work
the funny things my nieces and nephews say 
dog humor
new clothes
finally getting a necessary piece to put in your apartment, like a shoe rack or a new lamp.

what are some little things that you are grateful for?


  1. A great list have to agree with you with pretty much all this list


Hearing from you makes my day!!

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