Lot 48: how moving to la improved my marriage

April 5, 2017

how moving to la improved my marriage

moving to a new place can be a strain on any marriage. there is a saying that when you get married you are to "cling to your spouse." as in, be with them first and foremost, before the family you were born with. the move was was an opportunity to do just that.

the first few weeks we lived here were really, really rough. we knew before we moved that living on taran's salary in california wouldn't be enough so things were really tight.

there was a day when i was out running errands and i thought we had enough money to get some dinner. after i ordered i realized i had left my debit card at home. i told the clerk that i was sorry to have wasted their time and to put the food back. the sweetest, nicest man who i know was an angel sent to me from God said "don't worry about it, i'll pay for you." i told him he really didn't have to do that and that was oh so very nice but he insisted and i started to cry as i thanked with overwhelming gratitude. he kindly said you're welcome and away he went, not know what an impact he had on my day, my week, my month.

those first few weeks taran and i were so stressed that we were short with other and didn't treat one another with respect and kindness. we hadn't even had a proper reunion from being apart for a week from when i came to LA first to find us an apartment before he joined me. we needed to cling to each other. to "live off love."

so we danced.

when we were dating, taran loved to dance with me. we would put on music and just hold each other and sway. i loved looking for love songs we could dance to and we ended up with a whole playlist.
those few weeks i truly learned the meaning of living off love. we had each other, and that was all that mattered. we were constantly worried about money, i was hungry all the time because i was afraid to eat because it cost money, and was panicked about finding a job.

but we got through it because we had each other. we danced. we made such we snuggled. we made rules to stop talking about worries and money at certain times of the day and just be together. and it made all the difference. i had taran and that all i needed. we clung to each other and i am now more in love with him than i ever have been.

it still shocks me how life expands and can keep expanding. i often think it isn't possible to love him more, but then something like this happens and i fall deeper in love with him.

and for fun, here is our love song, dancing playlist.  grab your lover and dance your heart out. 

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