Lot 48: women!

March 8, 2017


it is international women's day! i have been going back and forth these past few weeks on how i feel about the issues regarding women's issues. i was raised and grew up around by incredible women throughout my life. i was never without strong women. i am in a family of only girls and was raised by a father who really killed it in the parent department when it came to raising girls. he taught us to be self sufficient, independent and to never be with a man to fix him. he taught us how to check our tire pressure and to be smart and be educated.

my mom taught my example by being all those things and more. she is truly the strongest, bravest, kindest, most thoughtful woman i know. i am so lucky to have her as my mother.

today at work we celebrated women's day by having a party at lunch and wearing all red in solidarity as women are doing all across the nation! it was incredible to celebrate this day with amazing women and celebrate it at work. i had never done that before. i am so thankful for a company that honors this day and celebrates women!

be proud and brave and remember how precious your power as a woman is on this day!