Lot 48: they are all pregnant

March 24, 2017

they are all pregnant

guys! its finally friday! this has been a very long and terrible week! work has been really frustrating because the program i use has not been doing what i need it to do!
also, the london attack really ripped me to my core. you might remember that i did my study abroad in london and it really was the best time of my life. i am in love with that city and have some of the best memories of my life there. when i read the news of the attack, i spent the morning crying as i got ready for work and all day i was really really sad. there is so much hate going on in the world and i feel so helpless and i don't know how to help or what to do.

i guess all i can do is pray and be kind to people and do what i can where i am.

all of my sisters are pregnant. my sister announced her pregnancy yesterday. isn't her announcement cute? my oldest sister is 38 weeks pregnant and is waiting for the sex of the baby to be a surprise. then my second oldest sister is due in may and is having her fourth boy. then the sister above is due in october and doesn't know the sex yet.

and this isn't the first time they have all been pregnant at the same time! this is the third!

tomorrow will be a very exciting day! i am finally "meeting" juliette!! i feel like i already know her because we text and email but i can't wait to meet her in person! she is coming to LA from 80 miles away and i'm taking her on the WB lot tour!! we are so excited!! i can't wait!

have a good weekend everyone!!

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  1. Oh my gosh I love that all of your sisters are pregnant st the same time! I bet you are the best aunt (:

  2. That is so many new babies in your family!!

  3. So excited for all of the babies and I love blogger meetups in real life!

    xx Kelly
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