Lot 48: #princeofpeace

March 31, 2017


easter is a very, very special time of the year. it is a time to reflect on the greatest sacrifice God gave us: His death so we can repent and be washed clean for our sins. it is difficult to grasp the magnitude of Him dying on the cross for us.

i also like to take this time of year to think about the principles that Christ lived by that i strive to live by too. there are people in my life who are much better at living like Christ than me, and a person who lives by the principles of Christ everyday is my husband.


taran is the most compassionate person i know. he is always thinking about others. the other day, a coworker of his had a tragedy happen and he immediately texted me to ask me to pray for her.
he constantly thinks of how he can help me and make my day and life better and rarely thinks of himself. if i'm having a bad day, he often surprises me with treats to turn my day around. he always asks what he can do to help when i'm feeling low or there's a problem.

i've truly never known anyone who is more Christ-like. he helps others in any way he can. whether it's prayer or helping someone move in or just being there for someone. he makes me feel closer to Christ by being around him. he is kind and selfless and serves his fellow men just like Christ would. i am one lucky girl to be with someone so incredible.

this easter, i encourage you to visit mormon.org to learn about the about the "principles of peace", learn about the meaning of easter, His sacrifice and these principles can bring you close to the Savior.

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