Lot 48: my favorite modern family episodes

March 20, 2017

my favorite modern family episodes

modern family has been one of my favorite shows since the beginning.  i have all the seasons on my phone and have watched them too many times to count.  it was also the first spec script i wrote.  (a spec script is a script you write just to show what you can do, no one is paying you for it.)  this show is consistently funny and also continues to inspire me to be a better, smarter, wittier writer.  

so without further ado, here are my favorite modern family episodes

someone to watch over lily - sesason 2, episode 20

this is the episode where cam and mitchell are making a will and are trying to decide who should take care of lily in case something should happen to both of them.  they spend the entire episode weighing the pros and cons so each of the family members and my favorite part which i couldn't find a gif and i tried to take a screenshot during the scene which just turned out to be very pixel-y is when they pop by claire and phil's house and everything is just complete choas.  it is so hilarious. i love the character development that happens in this episode that we see with jay as he shows that he is a supportive father who is there emotionally for manny.  and then there is claire who thinks she should have lily as she has raised 3 good kids in the middle of the announcement she finds out her daughters broke into their school.  what you would think would be the obvious choice is not at all and the least obvious choice surprises you.  its great writing and great development.

vegas - season 5, episode 18

what i love about this episode is that it is so 70's con man, what's-behind-this-door classic era type writing.  so many miscommunications and things behind doors that shouldn't be.  its such a throwback and a salute to 70s writing that i just absolutely love it.  i daresay that it is my very favorite modern family episode.  cam sneaks off to a bachelor party and there is this valet that each member of the family gets in their swanky hotel suites and the things they request get mixed up and end up delivered to each other's rooms and its all one big mess that somehow seems to all work out in some way.  i really tried to find gifs for this but couldn't! aaah! so the above picture is cam at his friend's bachelor party which he doesn't tell mitchell he is going to because mitchell says that  they don't need bachelor parties (they are engaged at this point) because they are in their 40s, they have a child, blah blah blah. and the top picture is when phil is doing a magic trick to get into a super secret magicians club where the member of the club says his trick is overdone until gloria comes out in that outfit and its a long story as to why she does.  so many miscommunications and things being in each other's rooms when they shouldn't be!  really, a salute to 70's con man movies.

bixby's back - season 2, episode 14


the bixby valentine's day episodes are some of my favorites.  i tried to get taran to meet me at a hotel bar where we would drink virgin drinks and pretend to be different people but that just made him crazy uncomfortable. that isn't his style and he had no idea how he would pretend to be a different person.  i always watch the valentine episodes that time of the year because they are so funny and original.  this one has a fabulous miscommunication in it where phil ends up in the wrong room and ends up laying all sexy on the hotel bed of an old woman and scaring the living daylights out of her.  can you tell i love miscommunications?  i think it can be overused if you do it too much in show, but if you do it here and there, its fabulous.  

leap day - season 3, episode 17

i think i really really love this episode because i can really relate to it. my poor dad lived in house full of girls.  he has no sons so that meant that he had to deal with women on their periods a lot.  this episode is when all the girls in the dunphy house have their periods at the same time and phil wants to go to a trapeze class because leap day is an extra day that you get in the year and it shouldn't be spent  at work or school! but all the girls are emotional and he tries to trick them into staying home so he can have a non emotional and fun extra day of the year.  you know that i always pay close attention to writers when i watch an episode and yes, this was written by a man.  

little bo bleep - season 3, episode 13

i really, really love this episode.  firstly, what is funnier than kids swearing? physical comedy and dog humor but that's it. this episode is where lily is the flower girl in one of the family member's wedding and her dress lights up and its so tacky and terrible.  and for some reason, that day is the day she decides to pull out the f bomb and cam can't control his laughter whenever she says it.  when they tell her its a bad word an she can't say it ever, lily says she only says it because it makes daddy laught. mitch and cam are afraid that she will say it at the wedding so they put her on "verbal lock down."   also in this episode, claire has her debate for city council where phil has to defend that unfortunate incident where he ended up naked in that poor old woman's hotel room on valentine's day, as mentioned above in bixby's back.  its phil so he says all the wrong things and he ends up on youtube, autotuned. 

what are some of your favorite episodes of your favorite shows?  in case you missed it, my favorite episodes of seinfeld.


  1. I like Modern Family Tim wouldn't watch it because it had a gay couple in it but the man loved Will & Grace so what is with that sometimes I wonder about the man I married

  2. I love this show so much. It's still good and fresh after all these years.

  3. Oh my gosh, Little Bo Bleep is one of my favorites. So, so, so funny.

    I think one of my favorites is actually Family Portrait from season 1. It's one of the first episodes I actually watched, really funny, but also with the right amount of heart.

  4. Modern family is one of my favorite shows. I can watch repeats over and over and they are still so funny! It's too hard to choose a favorite episode.

  5. Can you believe I have never seen a full episode?

    xx Kelly
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