Lot 48: I can't remember anyone's names

March 3, 2017

I can't remember anyone's names

i can't remember anybody's names and it is a real problem. i say people's names with confidence at work and they say "no my name is __." and it's very awkward. even my neighbors. i don't know what's wrong with me. it's like i have met so many new people the past few weeks at work i try really hard to remember them all but i can't seem to make the names stick! it's really embarrassing.

i have a wicked cold in addition to some lady problems that include a minor out patient procedure that i need very soon.

the above cup holds a lovely orange tazo tea that has been saving my life as i have been forcing myself to work while feeling absolutely terrible and half dead.

i wanted to share this amazing new app i found where you can blog from your phone. i'm tired of only being able to blog from my computer. well, blog from my computer where it looks good. i found this app blogo. it's really amazing and allows you to add pictures like i have done here. i wanted to do this post entirely on the app to see how it went. i think it makes it easier to make blog posts on your phone. the above picture shows you how you can edit your photos and make sure that they match the size you want.

this little guy is awesome. he is outside my apartment. someone must have put him there. he is so cute i love looking at him as i walk to my car. so cute.

this orange is at the office kitchen and we named him trump. it always gives me a smile.

have a good weekend everyone!

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