Lot 48: february favoritess

March 7, 2017

february favoritess

i have never done this before but have seen a lot of my favorite bloggers do it and since there were so many great posts in february i wanted to do a roundup of my favorite posts in february.

post that makes me nod: common sense is not so common sense by stephanie from not entirely perfect.  i agree with so many of these! why must people block doorways? and believe it or not 10 items or less does in fact mean 10 items or less! couldn't have said it any better stephanie!

most inspirational post: you are a survivor by emelia at dream big and buy the shoes.  just the pat on the back that we all needed.  i think we don't give ourselves enough credit.  we are survivors and warriors and women who do hard things and we are all awesome! high five!

most interesting post:
 how to help kids feel safe by joanna of a cup of jo.  i loved this post and am putting it in my back pocked for when i have kids. i love this idea that kids can just say a code word and parents know to go get them from an uncomfortable or scary situation.  and what i really, really loved about it was that the parents don't ask the kids what happened, so they feel safe and can come to them and talk about it when they are ready.  if my kids are like me, my kids will talk to me, but not until they are ready.  taran knows when i'm nervous about something or i'm dreading something like an event and then it happens he knows not to ask "how did it go?" when i get home.  he knows just to be normal and not ask me about it and that i will come to him and talk about it when i'm ready.  it takes a few days for things to process. 

the post that made me feel inspired: my three jobs by sarah from venus trapped in mars.  i love los angeles with all my heart and who wouldn't want to take pictures of every inch of it and get invited to cool events?  i  would love to start my own version of dallas love list but the thing is, i am not sure i would know where to start.  i love this city but really haven't lived here that long and have spent the entire time working.  i don't know where the cool spots are.  i pick up tips from my friends who have lived here for a long time and actually know things and thank goodness for them, but i want to actually know where to go, where is cool and where is the place to be.  i wish i knew of a los angeles love list that i could read so i could know what cool stuff was happening. 

the most heartwarming post: little letters, valentines day edition by namoi at love taza.  i love these sweet little notes to all the things in taza life that she loves and make her happy.  such a cute and unique twist on valentine's day. 

this was fun! i think i might do this again next month! 

happy tuesday! i feel like i say that a lot.  do i usually blog on tuesdays?


  1. So in my opinion, the newbie is the very best person to do a local account! I've only been in Dallas 4 years, not that long! I think my enthusiasm makes it easier and more fun to build the account!

  2. Yeah I get why these would be favourite things

  3. thank you so so much for including my post friend. I totally admire Sarah and all she does- it's pretty awesome. You should link up with Macy and I and share this post in our monthly recap link up :) have a good day!

  4. I am such a huge fan of the Percy Jackson books and unlike most people I really liked the films and am waiting for the Percy Jackson 3 to be made. It’s sad that Logan Lerman won't be able to return because obviously he's a grown man now. But I'm looking forward to a TV show too. After all this is the golden age of television and hope you’d do a good job with the material at hand.


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