Lot 48: when the olympics came to town

February 21, 2017

when the olympics came to town

first of all, i know i said that i would post pictures of my galentine's day party and let you know how it went but that will have to be another day!

do you remember when the winter olympics were in utah in 2002?  i do because i was there!

it was a big deal in our state.  i was only 12 when it happened.  it was in the salt lake city, but as you know, i grew up in a tiny town in the very, very southwest corner of utah, one mile from the arizona border.  we traveled up north to salt lake city a few times to attend the olympics, and it was an experience i will never forget.

my parents went without us for a few days and left us with a babysitter. then they came back and took us with them the next weekend.

what my sister and i are pointing to is green jello.  green jello is a utah classic.  i don't know why, its kind of weird.  some people put pineapple in it or even carrots.  

i think this is us watching the slalom event.  that was cool.  i think we went to another event but i don't really remember if we did.  i am so young when we went but i definitely remember watching the slalom event.  i was in awe of how high the skiers were jumping and how fast they were going. 

we dressed so warm but we ended up being really, really hot.  coming from the desert, we thought we would be freezing our butts off. but really we ended up shedding layers. they had these fun/weird groups dressed up at all the events.  these were birds of some kind.  i don't know why they were there. 

here's another one!  some fancy ladies walking around with some hot cocoa on their heads! which in my opinion, is always a nice thing to have on your head. 

the olympics is something i attended and happened to my home state during my childhood that i will never forget and will always be proud of that we hosted. 

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happy tuesday friends!


  1. I was in college at Weber State during the Olympics and it was AWESOME because school was out of session for 3 whole weeks. The curling events were at the Dee Events Center on our campus. I didn't end up getting to go to any of the actual events, but the spirit of the Olympics was so alive! I loved it. And somewhere I have a really awesome photo from when the torch passed my house.

  2. That would be so awesome to go to the Olympics!!!!


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