Lot 48: things that might surprise you about LA livin'

February 6, 2017

things that might surprise you about LA livin'

i haven't blogged in so long and i hate it! truthfully, i haven't had anything to say.  the last few weeks have been rough.  i have been job hunting and being without a job has made me feel lost and frustrated.

but!  i started a job a dc comics tomorrow! its a temp job but its a start! i am so thankful for my contacts that i have maintained these past five years.  i got this job because i had lunch with a contact i made when i was here as an intern 5 years ago and she suggested i get with a staffing agency that staffs for warner brothers so it paid off! hopefully it will lead to something more permanent.  i am excited an nervous.  but really excited to get my foot in the door and to start my career.

i have been paralyzed by fear in regards towards my writing. for the first few weeks i woke up every morning with butterflies in my stomach.  thoughts plagued me "i don't know how to write! i'm not good! what do i say? i don't know what story to tell!" i had just bits of stories to tell, but i was having trouble creating a full fledged story to tell.  i hate when fear plagues me.  so i push through.

so wish me luck these next three weeks with my temp job! i'm still not really sure what exactly i will be doing and true to this business, i had to sign a bunch of confidentiality agreements so i won't be able to tell you what i will be doing i don't think.


i wanted to share some things about living in los angeles that are strange and some that are weird really convienient and make you think "why doesn't thing happen everywhere?!?" 

there is valet everywhere. like even at walgreens. its weird.  and they only take cash. i never carried cash before living here.  now i always make sure that i have cash on me because i know that i will need it.  even parking at the library you have to pay to park.  its annoying because things like that should be free.

there are freeway entrances where you wouldn't think there would be freeway entrances.  like in residential areas, there are major freeway entrances.  it's very strange.  you're driving along a bunch of houses and then there is all of a sudden an entrance to a huge freeway hidden among the houses.  and the turns are really, really sharp turns. 

also, the exits don't have exit numbers on them, just the street names.  so if you are using siri to tell you where to go, she will say "take exit 3A" but the sign doesn't say that.  so the only way you know to get off at that exit is because siri says "take exit 3A towards sherman way" and the sign only says "sherman way" but no number.  its really annoying.  

the strangest thing that surprised me about living here is there are car washes in parking garages.  parking garages that house really important businesses.  like busy business people don't have time to get their cars washed so they just park in the car wash spot and their car gets washed while they work.  its a really good idea, actually.  i remember when i was an intern i was told by a producer to go move her car from the car wash parking spot to her normal parking spot because she didn't have time to walk to car wash spot and then drive away.  and let me tell you, there is nothing more terrifying than driving a producer's $80,000 car.

we are made fun of this so you probably already know this, but we always put a "the" when referring to a freeway.  "the 10. " "the 405."  i don't know why we do that.  but saying "get on I-405" sounds weird to me.  we are "the" people.  embrace it.  also, we know all the tricks to avoid freeways and traffic to get home.  live in the valley? take beverly glen to get home, not the 405.  beverly glen is this gorgeous street that goes through the hills that everyone takes to get to the valley or over the hill.  that is why i don't mind the commute on bit, because the drive is so pretty.  

this isn't something that would surprise you, but one of the things that i love most about living here are the trees.  i haven't lived anywhere with this many trees.  my goodness.  i grew up in the desert.  there were no trees.  everything was red rock.  i hated it. then in salt lake there were mountains and some trees.  but here.  here there are palm trees and green trees everywhere.  it is near magical.  when i look at it, i feel like my eyes are drinking after a very, very long thirst.  its gorgeous.

i've been to new york, i've lived in london, and i wouldn't want to live in either of those places.  because there are no trees. and in new york, all the buildings are brown.  in london, everything is grey.  i need color.  our apartment complex is purple.  purple!! there is so much color here! and the ocean! and trees! and it smells good!! i love it so much! and its the entertainment capital of the world! THIS IS MY FAVORITE CITY IN THE WORLD! and i keep having to pinch myself that i live here!!

xoxo, lauren.
california girl.


  1. I have never used a valet in fact there was only one time in our lives that we visited that had valet service, it isn't common here. Freeways that don't have numbers would be frustrating not common here either all exists are clear with numbers and street names and such.

  2. Living in Seattle (you want trees, come here!) we can always spot an out of towner when they say the 5 instead of I-5, or the 405 instead of just 405 (we don't put the I in front of 405 here though technically that is correct). It is intriguing how different regions reference every day things like that.


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