Lot 48: the surprise

February 16, 2017

the surprise

i don't know if you have all been following me on social media over the weekend, but something legendary and i mean LEGENDARY happened over the weekend.

my mom turned 60 on tuesday! i have been hesitant to say your actual age but i think you have even said what age you are so i think we are okay.  

what my sisters and i did for her will go down as legendary.  i still can't believe we did it and pulled it off!

my sisters and i had been discussing what to do for her birthday for a few weeks when my sister said "i just wish we could all somehow fly there and be together just for the day!!" by some miracle, that's what ended up happening.

my dad was really excited at the idea and wanted to help make it happen.  my sisters and i are all spread over the west, with our hometown being in southern utah.  we all settled on the date of february 10-12.

the next day, my dad texted all of us saying "what day did we say again?" i texted back "february 10-12." his response: "i've made a huge mistake."

turned out that he and my mom were going to a firearms training camp that weekend, with friends, whom they were hosting.

luckily, he realized this within 24 hours of all of us booking our flights so we were all able to cancel.

i was bummed.  i knew this would be the best present ever to her: for her to have all her girls together with her for her birthday.

the next day, my sister called me and said that my dad had decided that it was back on, for that same weekend, that we were going to fly in, kidnap her from her camp, and take her home.  the entire trip would consist of only about 30 hours.

it was crazy.  we all landed in vegas at about 10 am on saturday.  we drove an hour the middle of the nevada desert where my mom was.  we had to sign a bunch of forms to get on the camp.  my dad met us.  my mom was in the middle of a drill and my dad said he had been telling her that her birthday present was arriving late but it should "be here soon" and that he was going to go get her and tell her it was here. i knew she would be confused because why would he have her birthday delivered to a firearms range and not home.  i also knew that she was going to literally collapse when she saw us.  just fall to the floor.  it had happened before when she was really surprised.

we hid behind the car while my dad went to get her.  she started walking towards us, and while my sister was filming, we ducked out from behind the car.  she saw us and we all just bolted, running straight at her.  the look on her face was priceless and something i will never forget.

i was the first to hug her.  she was sobbing immediately.  my other sister said that when she was hugging her, she was indeed, holding her up.  called it.  knew she would collapse.

she was so confused and so excited and happy.  she asked my sisters "did you leave your children at the hotel?!? where are your children?!?!" not being in the state of mind that she could comprehend that their kid were at home with their husbands.

she asked what we were doing.  we told her we were taking her, right now.  we were taking her home to be with her.  we had to leave right now because it was 3 hours to home and we had dinner reservations!! 

my mom said later that we were a beautiful mirage in the nevada desert.  she is so sweet.  my sisters made a playlist we knew she would love for the drive home and she was so so happy.  which made me so so happy.

that night at dinner, we gave her our present.  we had compiled 100 pages of nearly 200 photos of her life sprinkled with things we love about her.

reading it at home later that night was really special.  there are so many good memories that we have with her.  and she has had such a life!

the trip was really, really short and i was really exhausted by the end of it but i was so, so glad that we did it.  if we are referencing inside out, i think we all gave ourselves core memories that weekend.  i know that i will always cherish it and i was still on a high from it the following monday.  

love you mommy! you were worth every bit of the trip! 


  1. This is amazing!! Can't believe you guys were able to pull that off..that'll go down as the best birthday ever!

  2. How much fun! This is the best thing.

    Also, wow, your mom is a total hottie!

  3. So thoughtful and just perfect, I bet your mom loved it!

  4. What a wonderful surprise to pull off!!


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