Lot 48: never read a comic book

February 24, 2017

never read a comic book

well this was a lovely and short week, wasn't it? lets wrap up the week and get excited for the weekend.  what are your plans for this weekend?  my aunt and uncle who are on a mission for our church and living in los angeles are coming over for dinner tonight and tomorrow i want to take taran to chinatown.  i love our weekend adventures!

i shared  the above photo when we were at lacma but my phone has decided to be full so i went through a very thorough cleaning process of deleting all my photos from my phone except my wedding and engagement and bridal pictures from my phone.  i thought i didn't delete the recent ones because i hadn't put them on my computer yet but i had! i was so bummed! so all you got to see of the amazing things we saw at lacma was if you saw my instagram story or snapchat while i was there!  but i really love that picture.  i love how taran is grabbing my hair.  its sexy.  he's sexy.  my husband is hot, people.

my popularity has greatly improved since i started working for dc comics. i never imagined that i would be working for a comic book publishing company.  i have never even read a comic book!

but that is about to change because i am staying on for 3 more months! i am really happy about it and am loving what i am learning.  its time to read a comic book and i have decided to lose my comic book virginity to wonder woman.  it became pretty obvious that i knew nothing about comic books when i first started and said that i always thought wonder woman was cool because she is bad a** so i was given her latest omnibus.  fun fact that i know now: an omnibus i a comic book that is very big, about 800 pages usually, that consists of many issues of the series comprised together.  kind of like if you put all of shakespeare's plays together in one book.  so it is time to read it! i don't want to be ignorant and not even have tasted what i am serving.

we had this beautiful rainbow the other day that we saw outside our window at work.  it hadn't even rained, which made it even more special.  i never really liked the wasatch mountains back in utah but i love the trees and greenery and mountains here in california.  i think this is the most gorgeous state in the whole country.  i am so happy here.  i am seriously the happiest i have ever, ever been. 

i am really proud of myself for the work i have done and have been working really hard to learn and also have just plain and simple been working really hard.  i put together a superman omnibus that was just shy of 800 pages and the day it was finished i left work before the sun was set and it was really strange.  and i realized how hard i had been working which just put me in this proud cycle of being proud of myself and feeling accomplished and realizing why i am so tired and exhausted and why over the long weekend i slept the majority of the time.  

i really love working with creative people because generally they are fun and enjoyable people to work with. and in turn, the company is laid back and fun as well.  and they have rooms with a whole bunch of furniture and don't know what to call the room so they just call it "bad fung shui room" and its hilarious.  and there are donuts on thursdays and when i asked who to thank for the donuts the person said "the guy's name is bat" and i said "last name man????" and i honestly don't know if he was serious or not because i don't know if heard him correctly.  i am really really lucky to be at dc comics and it is such a great place to work.  i am learning so much and everyone is so, so nice and i really enjoy the work i am doing.

did i tell you guys there are babies popping up everywhere in my family? soon there will be two new babies! in april, my sister who lives in palo alto will be having her fourth baby and she refuses to learn the sex.  she has a boy and two girls and wants it to be a surprise but i don't! and i have the hardest time guessing. i think it will be a boy? yes. i think so.  i'm usually wrong. i don't know.  its a hard game to play.  and my sister who lives in utah is having her fourth boy in may.  lots more babies happening! i'm getting excited because its getting a lot closer.

have a great weekend everyone! hugs and kisses!


  1. working for dc comics? sounds so cool. i don't read them but i can appreciate the interesting-ness that must be!

  2. You work for DC Comics?! I'm so insanely jealous of this. I love comics and DC are some of my absolute favorites. That's great you're going to dive into comics and read Wonder Woman. I really love Batman and all those connected to him - joker, harley quinn, batgirl, etc.


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