Lot 48: my favorite seinfeld episodes in order

February 7, 2017

my favorite seinfeld episodes in order

in case you haven't noticed, this is an entertainment and lifestyle blog.  it took me a while to find my niche but here it is. 

its fun to watch classic comedy and check it off as research.  that's good stuff.  

i was overjoyed when seinfeld was put on hulu a few summers ago.  that was a joyous occasion, especially since i hadn't seen all the episodes before then.

so without further ado, let me introduce my favorite seinfeld episodes, not necessarily in order.

the junior mint.  
its just so funny and ridiculous! first of all, what doctor would let these two goofballs be in the gallery while an operation was happening? while eating?  and then a junior mint falls into the open body of the guy?  and that is what ends up saving him?  its just so ridiculous its hilarious! you just have to laugh and its so ridiculous it is just something that would only happen on seinfeld

the pledge drive.  the reason why i love this episode is because of the miscommunication.  any miscommunication i love.  i love that elaine's friend's boyfriend has a high voice and they can't tell the friend and the boyfriend's voices apart.  its so funny.  miscommunications are what make good comedy in my book.  

the parking garage.  i think i love this episode because it is so relatable.  how many times have you gotten lost in a parking garage?  one time in college i got lost in a parking garage with my sister and her friends at a mall and we were stuck in there for an hour and were just wandering around and i got really mad.  it happens to all of us! last weekend, taran and i went to the movies at a theatre we obviously hadn't been to before because hello, we just moved here, and the theater was also in a mall and had this huge garage.  naturally, we got lost, but a genius of an owner of the property decided to hire a person in a golf cart to take people to find their cars.  whoever that person is is a genius.  we hopped in that golf cart and she drove us around until we found our car.  that is the way to go to the mall! 

the pen.  hahaha i love this guy.  the guy at the retirement community that jerry's parents live at.  he gives jerry this pen that is really important to him but jerry isn't supposed to take it.  its one of those social situations when someone offers it to you but you are supposed to say no but jerry said yes.  uh oh.  and because its a retirement community, it becomes the talk of the place and becomes a huge deal.  that makes it so funny because we have all been there.  we've all been in those social situations where we don't know if the person is being sincere or if you aren't supposed to take the gas money or supposed to take the book they are "lending" you.

seinfeld is such a great comedy because it is so relatable and simple.  so much comedy these days is complicated and tries way too hard.  seinfeld is basic.  besides the pagers and the lack of cell phones and all that, its timeless for that very reason.  people.  it deals with people. just basic human misunderstandings.  high talkers.  low talkers.  do i take the pen?  no, i bought the big salad, i just wanted you to know that, i paid for it.  all that will never stop being funny will never stop being relatable.

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  1. Never liked Seinfeld much saw every episode because my eldest daughter loved the show but me not so much, also liked the dress

  2. Haha! I'm old enough to remember when Seinfeld was on the first time! Such a hilarious show and so many great moments. I think my very favorite is the one with the toilet paper. "I can't spare a square." Hilarious!


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