Lot 48: i. am. so. tired.

February 17, 2017

i. am. so. tired.

i haven't fully recovered from my whirlwind weekend with my family and i really did feel it this week.  that, and work was a little hectic this week, which i loved.  i talked about this a bit, but the first few weeks in LA weren't that great because i didn't have a job so i didn't have anywhere to go.  so now that my life is hectic, i am loving it.  

1. i am really looking forward to this weekend for many reasons.  firstly, i am throwing a galentine's day party tomorrow! i am really excited.  it wasn't possible to throw it on actual galentine's day, feb. 13, because i was beyond exhausted as i had just gotten back from my trip to surprise my mom and how would that have worked exactly? had everything prepared days and days in advance,  including the food, because i couldn't cook hours in advance on a weekday? made no sense. couldn't throw it the weekend prior either because of my mom's surprise.

its funny that i always had more girlfriends, guy friends, colleagues, people i clicked with, everything, than i ever, ever did  in utah.  so gathering up a bunch of lady friends for the holiday was not that hard.  i can't wait to show you all what i have prepared and how the party goes!

2. secondly as to why i am excited for this weekend, taran and i don't do well apart.  we were apart last weekend and it was hard, naturally.  monday we both have the day off which means we get to be together for an extra long time this weekend and i am definitely going to soak that in as much as possible.  i have a tourist to do list the length of both my arms, my legs, down my back, my fingers, my toes, and just all the things it can go down.  so each weekend i always get excited because i wonder what we will hit that weekend.  so much to do and see and explore here! i love this city SO MUCH.  we never had opportunities like these in utah.

3. i know i'm busy when i haven't even had time to watch tv.  i'm behind on all my shows.  its serious.

4.  i am getting, really, really sleepy around lunch time.  anyone have any ideas?  i am trying to eat natural sugar that part of the day to keep my energy up.  i fell asleep at my desk during the last 10 minutes of my lunch break the other day.  i was mortified.  it was so unprofessional.

5.  did i mention i am really tired?  so, so tired.  i'm so stressed and so tired and i don't usually eat.  send blessings.

xoxo or whatever.


  1. I usually feel so tired by the end of the day Fridays are my crazy days when I am so busy it isn't funny although today Saturday it's going to be another bloody busy day running around doing stuff but not running my knees make it hard enough to walk let alone run

  2. I don't remember what it feels like not to be tired. But my doctor just told me to start taking sublingual B-12 supplements. I'll let you know if they help!


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