Lot 48: hey how's LA?

February 10, 2017

hey how's LA?

this is the question everyone has been asking me.  everyone. 

and for the first few weeks i didn't have an answer for them.

when taran and i decided when i convinced taran to move to la, i said that it was going to be hard, it wasn't going to be the solution to all my problems, it wasn't going to be a magic potion and that thing would go terribly wrong numerous times and that it would be very, very hard.  

i also said that i couldn't move there for the sole purpose to be a tv producer and writer.  i had to move there because i love la and wanted to live there, no matter what i did.

the first few weeks in la were very, very rough.  i had no where to go and was paralyzed by fear.  i spent a lot of time in bed.  i don't like admitting that and am surprised that i just did.  the first week i had a lot of fire in my belly and did my aaron sorkin lessons and wrote but then i got crippled by fear. 

every morning i woke up with butterflies in my stomach.  lots and lots of butterflies.  and not the fun "is he going to kiss me?!?!" kind, the "oh my gosh i am so scared i might puke" kind.  

i was finally in my city.  the city of stars (hi ryan gosling) where everyone moved here to do exactly what i came here to do.  what makes me special?  what makes me different? i felt like the smallest, tiniest, teenest fish in the biggest, enormous, not pond, but ocean in all the world.  i felt blocked as i tried to write.  i knew i needed to write two pilots and get some original material under my belt because enough with the specs already! but i couldn't think of what to say.  i didn't blog.  i slept.  i applied to job after job.

i met with my friends and contacts that i made when i was here five years ago. i applied to job after job after job.  my friend who is an assistant at warner brothers told me about a temp agency that staffs for warner brothers.  i joined it.  it  was the third temp agency that i joined.  i was getting really really antsy and feeling really really useless without a job.  finally then i got a call from the WB temp agency the next day saying they were putting me up for temp job dc comics doing design work based upon my experience with photoshop, illustrator, all that.  then a few days later i got a call last week from one temp agency asking me if i could be at a real estate firm in beverly hills in one hour to cover the front desk because their receptionist had to leave suddenly.  success!! 

next day i was told i got the dc comics temp job for 3 weeks and now here we are! everyone at dc comics is so, so SO NICE and the office lobby is SICK.  there are enormous batman and superman suits in the lobby and near the elevator.  whenever i step out of the elevator, batman is just standing there, like 8 feet tall it nearly startles me every time, but i just nod to him cordially and say "batman" or "sir" as you say to batman when you pass him in the halls, naturally. 

i was really worried my design and adobe software skills would not be up to par so this past weekend i did a lot of tutorials and studied so i would be as prepared as i could be for this job and do well.  i think i've been holding my own and its really cool to think that i am actually contributing to these comic books that could be around for who knows how long and i am actually helping with them.  its kind of mind blowing.  its really humbling and makes me thankful for my college education and my internship/first job out of college at the web development company where i learned about design and how to design and learned how to use photoshop, illustrator, and indesign.  i can't tell you how many doors and how many jobs i have gotten because i have those skills.  

this is a great place to start in my career.  and it really feels good to have a job.

so how is la.  fab-freaking-tastic. i legitimately haven't been this happy in a really long time. i'm here in my favorite city in the world, working towards my dream of dreams, feeding off this amazing creativity, its all just incredible.  its amazing.  i love it here. 


  1. I am so glad it is going so well!!!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. It was so much fun to see you in your new place and see that you're doing well. And that job at DC sounds like so much fun!


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