Lot 48: galentines day party!

February 22, 2017

galentines day party!

last weekend i said that i was throwing a galentine's day party and i am so excited to share all the details with you!  i had so much fun with my girlfriends and think they had a fun time too!

in my utah apartment, i had no room to host parties because my apartment was so small.  here in LA, my apartment is much bigger so i can finally entertain!  i didn't realize how much i missed that until i realized how many people i could fit in my living room!

i originally got a plastic tablecloth and white paper cups that i was going to paint gold and pink with x's and o's but then i decided to go more upscale.  i didn't want the table to look casual at all.  luckily, our tablecloth we keep on our table year round (*cough we only have one*) is red so that was taken care of.  then i got goblets from the 99 cent store.  

for decorations i got the above wooden decoration at the 99 cent store as well as another wooden decoration that had painted pink white and gold arrows on it.  then i got a bunch of candy hearts and used them as confetti for the middle of the table.  i also got a box of valentine's day stickers and scattered them all in the middle of the table. 

we had waffles with a waffle bar that included neutella, strawberry jam, whipped creme, syrup and strawberries.  we also had bacon and taran decided to go the extra mile and make eggs too at the last second.  everyone raved about taran's waffles because they really are the greatest waffles around. truly. 

i gave everyone a cookie as they came in and the sprinkles were chocolate sprinkles.  i was going to use my mom's amazing sugar cookie recipe but it is really complicated and i didn't have time but the cookies were still good!! 

for drink i served this pineapple drink that sarah mentions in her pineapple party post from a while ago.  it is really really good! picture courtesy of sarah, graphic made by me :)

my favorite thing i did for the party was make acrostics for all my guests.  i asked them their three favorite colors and then carefully chose words that described them starting with the letters in their names.  it was really fun to think about each of my friends and how much they mean to me and it was even more fun to give the gifts to them and see how touched they were.  

i made this last minute game where i decided to think of best friends from tv and movies and have my friends see if they could match them up.  i was so frustrated with myself because as we were going over the answers i thought of a few more that i could have put on the list! and don't be all that impressed that i thought of so many if you think that list is a lot, i googled "infamous bffs from tv."

i really had the best time at the party! after we were done with everything, we just sat around and chatted for a while and it was so lovely! it had been a while since i had just hung with my ladies! i really love each of the girls that came and am so lucky to have such inspiring, brave and strong women in my life.  i love that i was able to remain friends with these girls all these years away from LA and now that i am back i can't wait to see more of them!

girl power! i think leslie knope would have been proud. except i totally forgot to get a picture with everyone.  that was the only fail.  face palm. ugh.


  1. How fun! You did a great job. I bet everybody had a blast!

  2. It was SO much fun! Thank you! And I LOVE my acrostic. It's on the table next to my bed so I see it all the time.


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