Lot 48: catalina island

March 2, 2017

catalina island

i was in fifth grade when my school decided that we were going on a trip to catalina island. this wasn't going to be the catalina island that some of you have been to where you take a boat ride to the pretty part with the shops and restaurants and spend the afternoon at the pretty castle/manor thing and then head back to bigger land.

no. this would be educational. we would stay in cabins and have lessons and snorkle and learn about dolphins and go kayaking.

for me, a young 10 or 11 year old, this was a big deal for me to go on this trip. i was a homebody who was terrified or being away from home. i couldn't stay over at a friend's house i got so homesick, let alone go on a class trip. truly, each time time i would attend to go to a sleepover, i would get really anxious and worry about how my friends would make me stay up because i really just didn't see the allure of staying up late, and then i would get really homesick and miss my mom and then call her crying and she would come get me. i never successfully survived a sleepover. i still avoided class trips even in high school because they were much worse then. because high school is much worse and being a teenager is much worse than being 10.

i don't really remember being super homesick but i'm sure i was. i don't remember being really miserable but i'm sure i was. i was away from my family with a bunch of girls who didn't want to sleep! im sure i was miserable but i don't really remember being too miserable.

our adventures consisted of lots of snorkeling and kayaking and more kayaking. and s'mores by fires. and us girls had the biggest crushes on the male camp counselors. who hated us. who i don't blame them. we were very hyper and were very young and i can only imagine how annoying we were. can you imagine a bunch of screaming pre-teen girls? geez.

this is when we got up at the crack of dawn on our final day and watched the sun rise. it was one of those things when you are relieved that it is over but sad at the same time. i'm glad i went but still can't believe i went. knowing me and how i can't be away from home for even a night at that age i am very surprised that i did it. but it still a very sweet memory that i hold dear.


  1. What a great experience for you. And I love that your memory now isn't of being terribly homesick but of having fun.

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