Lot 48: February 2017

February 24, 2017

never read a comic book

well this was a lovely and short week, wasn't it? lets wrap up the week and get excited for the weekend.  what are your plans for this weekend?  my aunt and uncle who are on a mission for our church and living in los angeles are coming over for dinner tonight and tomorrow i want to take taran to chinatown.  i love our weekend adventures!

i shared  the above photo when we were at lacma but my phone has decided to be full so i went through a very thorough cleaning process of deleting all my photos from my phone except my wedding and engagement and bridal pictures from my phone.  i thought i didn't delete the recent ones because i hadn't put them on my computer yet but i had! i was so bummed! so all you got to see of the amazing things we saw at lacma was if you saw my instagram story or snapchat while i was there!  but i really love that picture.  i love how taran is grabbing my hair.  its sexy.  he's sexy.  my husband is hot, people.

my popularity has greatly improved since i started working for dc comics. i never imagined that i would be working for a comic book publishing company.  i have never even read a comic book!

but that is about to change because i am staying on for 3 more months! i am really happy about it and am loving what i am learning.  its time to read a comic book and i have decided to lose my comic book virginity to wonder woman.  it became pretty obvious that i knew nothing about comic books when i first started and said that i always thought wonder woman was cool because she is bad a** so i was given her latest omnibus.  fun fact that i know now: an omnibus i a comic book that is very big, about 800 pages usually, that consists of many issues of the series comprised together.  kind of like if you put all of shakespeare's plays together in one book.  so it is time to read it! i don't want to be ignorant and not even have tasted what i am serving.

we had this beautiful rainbow the other day that we saw outside our window at work.  it hadn't even rained, which made it even more special.  i never really liked the wasatch mountains back in utah but i love the trees and greenery and mountains here in california.  i think this is the most gorgeous state in the whole country.  i am so happy here.  i am seriously the happiest i have ever, ever been. 

i am really proud of myself for the work i have done and have been working really hard to learn and also have just plain and simple been working really hard.  i put together a superman omnibus that was just shy of 800 pages and the day it was finished i left work before the sun was set and it was really strange.  and i realized how hard i had been working which just put me in this proud cycle of being proud of myself and feeling accomplished and realizing why i am so tired and exhausted and why over the long weekend i slept the majority of the time.  

i really love working with creative people because generally they are fun and enjoyable people to work with. and in turn, the company is laid back and fun as well.  and they have rooms with a whole bunch of furniture and don't know what to call the room so they just call it "bad fung shui room" and its hilarious.  and there are donuts on thursdays and when i asked who to thank for the donuts the person said "the guy's name is bat" and i said "last name man????" and i honestly don't know if he was serious or not because i don't know if heard him correctly.  i am really really lucky to be at dc comics and it is such a great place to work.  i am learning so much and everyone is so, so nice and i really enjoy the work i am doing.

did i tell you guys there are babies popping up everywhere in my family? soon there will be two new babies! in april, my sister who lives in palo alto will be having her fourth baby and she refuses to learn the sex.  she has a boy and two girls and wants it to be a surprise but i don't! and i have the hardest time guessing. i think it will be a boy? yes. i think so.  i'm usually wrong. i don't know.  its a hard game to play.  and my sister who lives in utah is having her fourth boy in may.  lots more babies happening! i'm getting excited because its getting a lot closer.

have a great weekend everyone! hugs and kisses!

February 22, 2017

galentines day party!

last weekend i said that i was throwing a galentine's day party and i am so excited to share all the details with you!  i had so much fun with my girlfriends and think they had a fun time too!

in my utah apartment, i had no room to host parties because my apartment was so small.  here in LA, my apartment is much bigger so i can finally entertain!  i didn't realize how much i missed that until i realized how many people i could fit in my living room!

i originally got a plastic tablecloth and white paper cups that i was going to paint gold and pink with x's and o's but then i decided to go more upscale.  i didn't want the table to look casual at all.  luckily, our tablecloth we keep on our table year round (*cough we only have one*) is red so that was taken care of.  then i got goblets from the 99 cent store.  

for decorations i got the above wooden decoration at the 99 cent store as well as another wooden decoration that had painted pink white and gold arrows on it.  then i got a bunch of candy hearts and used them as confetti for the middle of the table.  i also got a box of valentine's day stickers and scattered them all in the middle of the table. 

we had waffles with a waffle bar that included neutella, strawberry jam, whipped creme, syrup and strawberries.  we also had bacon and taran decided to go the extra mile and make eggs too at the last second.  everyone raved about taran's waffles because they really are the greatest waffles around. truly. 

i gave everyone a cookie as they came in and the sprinkles were chocolate sprinkles.  i was going to use my mom's amazing sugar cookie recipe but it is really complicated and i didn't have time but the cookies were still good!! 

for drink i served this pineapple drink that sarah mentions in her pineapple party post from a while ago.  it is really really good! picture courtesy of sarah, graphic made by me :)

my favorite thing i did for the party was make acrostics for all my guests.  i asked them their three favorite colors and then carefully chose words that described them starting with the letters in their names.  it was really fun to think about each of my friends and how much they mean to me and it was even more fun to give the gifts to them and see how touched they were.  

i made this last minute game where i decided to think of best friends from tv and movies and have my friends see if they could match them up.  i was so frustrated with myself because as we were going over the answers i thought of a few more that i could have put on the list! and don't be all that impressed that i thought of so many if you think that list is a lot, i googled "infamous bffs from tv."

i really had the best time at the party! after we were done with everything, we just sat around and chatted for a while and it was so lovely! it had been a while since i had just hung with my ladies! i really love each of the girls that came and am so lucky to have such inspiring, brave and strong women in my life.  i love that i was able to remain friends with these girls all these years away from LA and now that i am back i can't wait to see more of them!

girl power! i think leslie knope would have been proud. except i totally forgot to get a picture with everyone.  that was the only fail.  face palm. ugh.

February 21, 2017

when the olympics came to town

first of all, i know i said that i would post pictures of my galentine's day party and let you know how it went but that will have to be another day!

do you remember when the winter olympics were in utah in 2002?  i do because i was there!

it was a big deal in our state.  i was only 12 when it happened.  it was in the salt lake city, but as you know, i grew up in a tiny town in the very, very southwest corner of utah, one mile from the arizona border.  we traveled up north to salt lake city a few times to attend the olympics, and it was an experience i will never forget.

my parents went without us for a few days and left us with a babysitter. then they came back and took us with them the next weekend.

what my sister and i are pointing to is green jello.  green jello is a utah classic.  i don't know why, its kind of weird.  some people put pineapple in it or even carrots.  

i think this is us watching the slalom event.  that was cool.  i think we went to another event but i don't really remember if we did.  i am so young when we went but i definitely remember watching the slalom event.  i was in awe of how high the skiers were jumping and how fast they were going. 

we dressed so warm but we ended up being really, really hot.  coming from the desert, we thought we would be freezing our butts off. but really we ended up shedding layers. they had these fun/weird groups dressed up at all the events.  these were birds of some kind.  i don't know why they were there. 

here's another one!  some fancy ladies walking around with some hot cocoa on their heads! which in my opinion, is always a nice thing to have on your head. 

the olympics is something i attended and happened to my home state during my childhood that i will never forget and will always be proud of that we hosted. 

now i would like to share with you an amazing bracelet brand that i have been working with, wanderer bracelets. wanderer bracelets works with artisans in bali, giving them a steady income and improving their lives. you can read their story here and to learn more about the truly incredible work they do for the people in bali.

they have so many beautiful designs and i was lucky enough to choose a few.  check out all their designs here and as a special offer, lot 48 readers get 20% off their order! just use code laurenpacker20 at check out! 

my favorite bracelet was the coordinates bracelet.  i chose the coordinates of where taran and i got married.  these bracelets are so lovely and i love that by buying them i am helping those who don't have a lot of options to support themselves.

happy tuesday friends!

February 17, 2017

i. am. so. tired.

i haven't fully recovered from my whirlwind weekend with my family and i really did feel it this week.  that, and work was a little hectic this week, which i loved.  i talked about this a bit, but the first few weeks in LA weren't that great because i didn't have a job so i didn't have anywhere to go.  so now that my life is hectic, i am loving it.  

1. i am really looking forward to this weekend for many reasons.  firstly, i am throwing a galentine's day party tomorrow! i am really excited.  it wasn't possible to throw it on actual galentine's day, feb. 13, because i was beyond exhausted as i had just gotten back from my trip to surprise my mom and how would that have worked exactly? had everything prepared days and days in advance,  including the food, because i couldn't cook hours in advance on a weekday? made no sense. couldn't throw it the weekend prior either because of my mom's surprise.

its funny that i always had more girlfriends, guy friends, colleagues, people i clicked with, everything, than i ever, ever did  in utah.  so gathering up a bunch of lady friends for the holiday was not that hard.  i can't wait to show you all what i have prepared and how the party goes!

2. secondly as to why i am excited for this weekend, taran and i don't do well apart.  we were apart last weekend and it was hard, naturally.  monday we both have the day off which means we get to be together for an extra long time this weekend and i am definitely going to soak that in as much as possible.  i have a tourist to do list the length of both my arms, my legs, down my back, my fingers, my toes, and just all the things it can go down.  so each weekend i always get excited because i wonder what we will hit that weekend.  so much to do and see and explore here! i love this city SO MUCH.  we never had opportunities like these in utah.

3. i know i'm busy when i haven't even had time to watch tv.  i'm behind on all my shows.  its serious.

4.  i am getting, really, really sleepy around lunch time.  anyone have any ideas?  i am trying to eat natural sugar that part of the day to keep my energy up.  i fell asleep at my desk during the last 10 minutes of my lunch break the other day.  i was mortified.  it was so unprofessional.

5.  did i mention i am really tired?  so, so tired.  i'm so stressed and so tired and i don't usually eat.  send blessings.

xoxo or whatever.

February 16, 2017

the surprise

i don't know if you have all been following me on social media over the weekend, but something legendary and i mean LEGENDARY happened over the weekend.

my mom turned 60 on tuesday! i have been hesitant to say your actual age but i think you have even said what age you are so i think we are okay.  

what my sisters and i did for her will go down as legendary.  i still can't believe we did it and pulled it off!

my sisters and i had been discussing what to do for her birthday for a few weeks when my sister said "i just wish we could all somehow fly there and be together just for the day!!" by some miracle, that's what ended up happening.

my dad was really excited at the idea and wanted to help make it happen.  my sisters and i are all spread over the west, with our hometown being in southern utah.  we all settled on the date of february 10-12.

the next day, my dad texted all of us saying "what day did we say again?" i texted back "february 10-12." his response: "i've made a huge mistake."

turned out that he and my mom were going to a firearms training camp that weekend, with friends, whom they were hosting.

luckily, he realized this within 24 hours of all of us booking our flights so we were all able to cancel.

i was bummed.  i knew this would be the best present ever to her: for her to have all her girls together with her for her birthday.

the next day, my sister called me and said that my dad had decided that it was back on, for that same weekend, that we were going to fly in, kidnap her from her camp, and take her home.  the entire trip would consist of only about 30 hours.

it was crazy.  we all landed in vegas at about 10 am on saturday.  we drove an hour the middle of the nevada desert where my mom was.  we had to sign a bunch of forms to get on the camp.  my dad met us.  my mom was in the middle of a drill and my dad said he had been telling her that her birthday present was arriving late but it should "be here soon" and that he was going to go get her and tell her it was here. i knew she would be confused because why would he have her birthday delivered to a firearms range and not home.  i also knew that she was going to literally collapse when she saw us.  just fall to the floor.  it had happened before when she was really surprised.

we hid behind the car while my dad went to get her.  she started walking towards us, and while my sister was filming, we ducked out from behind the car.  she saw us and we all just bolted, running straight at her.  the look on her face was priceless and something i will never forget.

i was the first to hug her.  she was sobbing immediately.  my other sister said that when she was hugging her, she was indeed, holding her up.  called it.  knew she would collapse.

she was so confused and so excited and happy.  she asked my sisters "did you leave your children at the hotel?!? where are your children?!?!" not being in the state of mind that she could comprehend that their kid were at home with their husbands.

she asked what we were doing.  we told her we were taking her, right now.  we were taking her home to be with her.  we had to leave right now because it was 3 hours to home and we had dinner reservations!! 

my mom said later that we were a beautiful mirage in the nevada desert.  she is so sweet.  my sisters made a playlist we knew she would love for the drive home and she was so so happy.  which made me so so happy.

that night at dinner, we gave her our present.  we had compiled 100 pages of nearly 200 photos of her life sprinkled with things we love about her.

reading it at home later that night was really special.  there are so many good memories that we have with her.  and she has had such a life!

the trip was really, really short and i was really exhausted by the end of it but i was so, so glad that we did it.  if we are referencing inside out, i think we all gave ourselves core memories that weekend.  i know that i will always cherish it and i was still on a high from it the following monday.  

love you mommy! you were worth every bit of the trip! 

February 10, 2017

hey how's LA?

this is the question everyone has been asking me.  everyone. 

and for the first few weeks i didn't have an answer for them.

when taran and i decided when i convinced taran to move to la, i said that it was going to be hard, it wasn't going to be the solution to all my problems, it wasn't going to be a magic potion and that thing would go terribly wrong numerous times and that it would be very, very hard.  

i also said that i couldn't move there for the sole purpose to be a tv producer and writer.  i had to move there because i love la and wanted to live there, no matter what i did.

the first few weeks in la were very, very rough.  i had no where to go and was paralyzed by fear.  i spent a lot of time in bed.  i don't like admitting that and am surprised that i just did.  the first week i had a lot of fire in my belly and did my aaron sorkin lessons and wrote but then i got crippled by fear. 

every morning i woke up with butterflies in my stomach.  lots and lots of butterflies.  and not the fun "is he going to kiss me?!?!" kind, the "oh my gosh i am so scared i might puke" kind.  

i was finally in my city.  the city of stars (hi ryan gosling) where everyone moved here to do exactly what i came here to do.  what makes me special?  what makes me different? i felt like the smallest, tiniest, teenest fish in the biggest, enormous, not pond, but ocean in all the world.  i felt blocked as i tried to write.  i knew i needed to write two pilots and get some original material under my belt because enough with the specs already! but i couldn't think of what to say.  i didn't blog.  i slept.  i applied to job after job.

i met with my friends and contacts that i made when i was here five years ago. i applied to job after job after job.  my friend who is an assistant at warner brothers told me about a temp agency that staffs for warner brothers.  i joined it.  it  was the third temp agency that i joined.  i was getting really really antsy and feeling really really useless without a job.  finally then i got a call from the WB temp agency the next day saying they were putting me up for temp job dc comics doing design work based upon my experience with photoshop, illustrator, all that.  then a few days later i got a call last week from one temp agency asking me if i could be at a real estate firm in beverly hills in one hour to cover the front desk because their receptionist had to leave suddenly.  success!! 

next day i was told i got the dc comics temp job for 3 weeks and now here we are! everyone at dc comics is so, so SO NICE and the office lobby is SICK.  there are enormous batman and superman suits in the lobby and near the elevator.  whenever i step out of the elevator, batman is just standing there, like 8 feet tall it nearly startles me every time, but i just nod to him cordially and say "batman" or "sir" as you say to batman when you pass him in the halls, naturally. 

i was really worried my design and adobe software skills would not be up to par so this past weekend i did a lot of tutorials and studied so i would be as prepared as i could be for this job and do well.  i think i've been holding my own and its really cool to think that i am actually contributing to these comic books that could be around for who knows how long and i am actually helping with them.  its kind of mind blowing.  its really humbling and makes me thankful for my college education and my internship/first job out of college at the web development company where i learned about design and how to design and learned how to use photoshop, illustrator, and indesign.  i can't tell you how many doors and how many jobs i have gotten because i have those skills.  

this is a great place to start in my career.  and it really feels good to have a job.

so how is la.  fab-freaking-tastic. i legitimately haven't been this happy in a really long time. i'm here in my favorite city in the world, working towards my dream of dreams, feeding off this amazing creativity, its all just incredible.  its amazing.  i love it here. 

February 8, 2017

3 years

3 years. 3 years ago today i was in a very sacred temple staring across an altar at my love promising to love him and stand by him throughout this life and throughout all the eternities. i once told one of my non mormon friends that we believe in my Church that when we get married, we believe that we will be married not just for time, but for eternity and that death will not part us. his response was "that's actually really beautiful."

and it is.

i don't think there is anything more sacred or more beautiful than eternal marriage.

whenever i hear of a close friend of mine is getting married, i get very envious because i wish i could live my wedding day all over again.  it was so wonderful but also had its scary moments like when i was so terrified i almost called it off.

but man oh man am i glad i married taran.   i would do it again in a heart beat.  it was the best decision i have ever, ever made.  i really can't believe how lucky i am.  he treats me better than i ever thought i would ever be lucky enough to be treated.  all i want to do is hang out with you and make you happy.  you make me laugh harder than anyone else.  

i love his thirst for learning.   i love his thirst for learning. i love how he pushes himself with his engineering consulting business (curious what he does? website here.  i did a good job doing the content and over seeing the design if i do say so myself :))  i love that he can't wait to be the kind of dad that teaches his kids science and makes sure they are smart and knowledgeable and pushes themselves the way he pushes himself.  i love the way he is around children.  i can't wait to see him be a daddy to our kids one day. 

i love his deep and strong testimony for the gospel of our Church and the close relationship he has with God.  i love that he knows all of my flaws and loves me anyway.  i love that he knows when i am in a certain mood and how to fix it.

i love how much he loves his parents and how much he respects them.  i love how much my family loves him.  i love how much everyone loves him without him even trying to win everyone over.

i love that he always puts me first and sacrifices so much for me without asking for anything in return.  i try to do the same. 

i love that he made this leap with me and moved to LA so i could follow my dream and supports me wholeheartedly in this crazy dream of mine.

taran, you are a dream come true.  i love you to the moon and back.  thank you for being mine.

happy 3 years, baby.  here's to a million more.