Lot 48: things i miss

January 31, 2017

things i miss

i have lived in california for three weeks now and there are some things that i do miss about utah. as i mentioned, i didn't get a chance to say goodbye because it happened so suddenly.  i have been having  some twangs of homesickness since i moved here but nothing bad.  i'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that i live here.  its pretty crazy!  every morning i wake up with butterflies in my stomach because i am so excited that i live here and my dream came true.

i miss my boys! its weird that i am so far from all of my niecephews and that i won't get to see them for awhile.  i hate that i didn't get to say goodbye to them.  i told eli, the oldest, that i had moved to california and said "you know how you love the beach? when you come to the beach you get to see me."  we always have a family vacation in either palm springs or somewhere in so cal.  this year its palm springs.  i just want them to know that i'm not too far. 

obviously i miss my best friend patrisha.  we were talking on the phone last night and both said it hasn't sunk in that we don't live near each other anymore.  when she moved here in august, i was so excited and figured i would be in salt lake for another year.  i'm so happy with how things turned out but i do miss patrisha being so close!

there was this great french bakery that taran and i would always go to on saturday nights when we had been doing lazy productive things all day and wanted to get out of the house but didn't want to go to a movie. it would be a quick little date and we would get these really, really amazing desserts with italian creme sodas.  i would always get the passion fruit mousse and maybe a fruit tarte too (my mouth is watering) and italian sodas too.  i loved those quick date nights. i would put on something fancy and would feel like we were dating again.

we need to find another place like this so we can go on quick dates.  i found this great italian restaurant close that we decided would be our go to place on the rare occasion when we go out to eat.  but we still need to find a dessert place!

but despite those things i miss i am beyond ecstatic to be here and can't believe it finally happened.  when i'm driving and there are palm trees lined up on both sides of me, i need to pinch myself to check that it isn't a dream. 

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