Lot 48: right of passage

January 18, 2017

right of passage

its been an emotional and odd first few days in our new apartment, in our new life, in our new city, our new adventure.
i feel as though everything that has happened thus far this week has been a true LA right of passage.  classic story of girl moves to hollywood to try to make it in the entertainment business because she along with what feels like literally the rest of the world feels like she has something unique and substantial to offer to entertainment business.  you read those stories in people magazine when you read about how ellen and steve harvey and every now famous person lived in their car and was homeless or ate soup out of a can and didn't have a kitchen and slept at the dance studio because they didn't have a place to live.  and they can afford diamond creme and buy $10 million houses.  so i feel like everything that has happened this week, like, "yeah, i'm gonna make it!  look at everything that happened this week!  this means i'm going to 'make it!'" 

what does "make it" even mean?  does that mean that your face is on a billboard?  does that mean that you have two houses, each for a cool $5 mil? whatever it means, i really don't like the term.

having no internet all week has been a real b** and i thought i would get it today but no i get it tomorrow.  one more day! i finally made it to the library to write and to get through some lessons on my aaron sorkin masterclass.  such a good class!  i am so hungry to learn.  and to get a paycheck.  that would be really, really nice.  haha. 

i love it here.  but i am anxious to life started.  our apartment isn't put away yet.  slowly but surely.  we have a lot of crap.  we are throwing a lot of it away.  our living room is so big we need to fill it all.  its so much bigger than our last apartment.  we are going to get a real couch.  oh my gosh you guys.  not a love seat.  from craigslist of course but still.  and a book case and a coffee table.  

and the fridge was finally put in.  we have this weird cupboard that is really tall that is supposed to be the pantry so we need to get a shelf to put in the pantry or else it will just be one big mess of stuff where we can't find anything. slowly but surely.  slowly but surely.  slowly but surely that apartment is becoming a home.  

also, we realized that taran and i haven't held each other or kissed each other or done anything remotely non roomatey in like two weeks because it has just been go go go. un pack un pack.  we were apart for almost a week while i was out here and he was packing up the apartment back in utah and then when he got here it was all business and stress.  so last night we danced with each other and we cuddled and splurged on data and watched tv and we remembered that we have no money but we have each other.   i was feeling kind of homesick that day so that was just what i needed.

LA! lalalalala! that is a little song i sing now sometimes.  

the end.



  1. I know it's tough to move to a new place. But I'm glad you have Taran by your side through this journey. You're gonna make it after all! ;-)

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