Lot 48: LA apartment hunting

January 6, 2017

LA apartment hunting

as i mentioned yesterday, we have been in LA all week looking for a place to live.
and it has been one of the most stressed i have ever been.

apartment hunting in utah is obviously sooo different than apartment hunting in LA.  in utah, you don't have to give bank statements, tax returns and your left arm to fill out an application.  you get a much bigger apartment for the same price as you would here in LA.  obviously.  no surprise.  this is a much, much bigger city and therefore this is a totally different ballgame.

you call place after place after place.  then you find a place that you actually like you fill out the application.  then its like a date or a job interview.  they review your credit, and background check which is no surprise there, no worries.  but then you anxiously wait for the landlord to get back to you to see if he likes you or not.  it is so stressful. 

if you ask anyone that knows me, they will tell you that i am a control freak. i must be in control.  and right now i feel helpless and completely out of control and i despise it.  i have no control over if the landlord likes me.  i can tell him i'm quiet.  i can tell him my husband and i are responsible and we have never missed a rent payment in our lives (separately or married).  i could tell the landlord we don't even drink.  we can show the paystubs and the credit score.  but we still don't know if we have the place.

there is this one place that we really fell in love with.  its perfect.  and we really, really want it.  so i'm scared to death that we won't get it. i have zero control over this.  i can call the landlord who i genuinely like and say that it was a pleasure to meet him and thank him for taking the time to show us the property.  i can do all of that.  but it is still out of my control.

the good news is, i have a lot of leads on jobs thanks to friends and contacts that i have maintained these past five years.  so that's good.  i love it so much here i want to cry.  the trees, the creative energy, i love it all.  i love it all so much. now if someone could allow us to live in their place. pleeeeease that would be oh so very very great.

we fly back tonight.  and cross my toes pray to God that we have a place sealed down when we get on that plane.  because i am completely freaking out.


  1. Here when you apply for a rental place you have to have bank statements, payslips, Centrelink statements(social security), ID, 100 points of ID which means your driver licence, medicare card & bank account card. You need 6 weeks of rent up front (4 weeks for bond) & 2 weeks rent and you have to remain 1 week in advance all the time. Oh bond is like security, it gets paid to the bond board and when you leave if there are no damages you get it back. Often when you turn up for an inspection there can be a dozen or more people there inspecting the property. Applications can sometimes be done online or you can scan and email it to the real estate company. Rent is paid weekly or fortnightly often by direct deposit straight into the companies account or if you are on a Centrelink payment you can have what is called Centrepay and that means the money is taken out and paid before you get your payment

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  2. Goodness, I am so sorry you are having such a hard time finding a place! Hopefully you get the one that you love.

  3. Hugs, friend. I'm a little behind on blog reading (obvs) so I already know the end of this story, but I'm still sorry you were so stressed about it!

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