Lot 48: ice castle!

January 9, 2017

ice castle!

life is crazy right now!  i am leaving for LA again today and will stay for as long as it takes until we find an apartment.  then we will drive back to utah, pack up our apartment, and then move into our new place in LA! 

i had no idea that apartment hunting in LA would be this difficult as i said in this post.  it is a true nightmare.  

but! on saturday was taran's birthday so we went to the ice castles! i had been wanting to go for YEARS and since my time in utah is limited we had to go asap! 

i love taran.  thanks for being born, babe.  it was a really stressful day and finding an apartment is stressful and moving is stressful so he got a really terrible birthday and for that i am truly terribly sorry.  

i put together a little imovie and i feel like leslie knope when she sends that movie to anne saying her and ben hooked up and at the end she says "anne i figurd out how to use imovie call me!" i was pretty proud of myself.  i just put all of my snaps together.  it is better to see the video to get the feel for how incredible the castle was.   

while building, they made 15,000 icicles a day or something i don't remember to build it!  its truly incredible. 

this was the kiddie slide! 

regally sitting on my throne!

taran went for the funny approach to his throne.

i am so glad we got to go with friends! it made it so much more fun.  it was soo cold but so fun! i am so glad we went! item from bucket list crossed off!


  1. Wow, talk about some amazing and awesome photos, finding a place to live can be a right nightmare

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  2. I absolutely was loving your snaps and the pictures are so cool! Sending you all the positive vibes for apartment hunting. Can't wait to hear more about LA, so fun!

  3. These are SO cool!! I honestly had no idea those ice castles existed and now I am dying to go. Loved the video you put together!

  4. So beautiful! This is definitely something we don't have here in LA. At least not indoors!

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