Lot 48: goodbye, hello

January 11, 2017

goodbye, hello

i officially live in los angeles.

i have wanted to say those words for  5 years.

since the day i left LA all those years ago feeling so sad because i knew i had found my home but it was time to leave because my internship was over and it was time to go back to utah, back to school.  i told my colleagues, "see you august!" as i left that november, and here we are, 5 years later, and i am just now getting back. 

all these years, i have messaged and emailed and texted my friends that i made in LA "where are you working" "what are you up to" not only to keep those contacts but to live vicariously through them.  each time i went to LA, i would come back fresh with new creativity.  that is the #1 thing i love about LA.  creativity rubs off on you.  you can't get away from it.  if you are a creative person, there is no way to run from it.  it sticks on you like honey when you eat a peanut butter and honey sandwich.   

i wrote about the whole apartment hunting debacle and how last week when we were here we didn't find a place and went home to salt lake with our tail between our legs apartment-less.  we came to the conclusion on sunday that i was going to go back to LA alone on monday to look  some more for a place and taran would join me on friday.  the plan was to live in airbnbs for a however long it took until we found a place while taran worked at his new LA office.  

over that weekend, i applied online for an apartment that we got approved for.  i nearly fell to the floor when i got the call.  after the extremely frustrating week prior with that resulted in looking at a guest house that was the size of a box without an oven rejecting us i was sure nobody would ever accept us as tenants.  the property management group that had accepted us had several properties, two that i liked.  because i had filled out one application, i had been approved for any of their properties that were in x price range.  i was freaking ecstatic.  

monday night i stayed the night at my parents house as their house is half way between salt lake city and LA.  i got up at the crack of dawn on tuesday morning and drove as fast as i legally could and kept calling the property management company saying "am i still the only applicant?!" "has anyone else looked at it yet?!"! "just give me 3 more hours i just passed vegas!!"

now we play the game of goldilocks.

the first apartment i went to i thought was "the one" based on the pictures i saw.  but the apartment  in a neighborhood that i was so ghetto i didn't feel safe.  i locked my purse in the trunk before i went in and then thought in the back of my mind "anywhere you feel the need to do that is not a place you want to live." (i'm not the only one who does this, right? if you're in a sketchy neighborhood and you don't want to bring your whole purse in, you put it in your trunk right, where no one can see it and won't break your glass and steal your purse? anyone? i've been doing this for as long as i can remember.) the apartment set up was weird too. and there was barely any closet space.

so i went to the next property.  the thing about the valley in LA is you drive a few miles and suddenly you are in a better part of town.  as i drove to my other property, the neighborhood got nicer, cleaner better, and i felt safer.  i got a better and better feeling about it.  once i got to the residential part of it, the houses looked better and by then i was sold on the neighborhood.  

once in the apartment, i just fell in love love and knew that was it.  it was bigger than any other apartment i had ever shopped for ever that i had seen and i had such an overwhelmingly good feeling about it.  i absolutely love it.  and now its ours.  

it happened quickly and i didn't expect it to happen that way, but it did.  taran and i talked about the best way to do this as our move in date is saturday and we came up with a few options but the best way is for him to pack up our utah apartment and drive the uhaul down to LA.  why would i drive all the way back to salt lake, 800 miles, just to turn around and drive back again. a total of 2400 miles. it makes no sense.  taran will join me on saturday. 

and now because i can't enjoy any huge stress getting checked off my bucket list, i am now near hyperventilation of finding a job.  but that is an entirely different blog post.

what surprised me was how emotional and sad i was that i didn't get to say goodbye to salt lake.  salt lake was never the place for me, but regardless, i lived there for 8 years.  its where i met and fell in love with my husband.  its where i went to college and got married.  its where i grew into an adult.  its where i made life long friendships.  its where i was tried beyond measure and experienced unmeasurable happiness. it was my home for 8 years.  

its not like i won't be back, of course.  i can't wait to open this new chapter of taran and i's lives.  i have to do this.  i have to at least try to be a comedy writer.  i have to.  i need to.  i thank the Lord for the infinite blessings he has given me to make this happen and for the amazing man He gave me who is willing to move to a place he never lived before and has only been to once and is yet still excited about this adventure

i can't wait to get started.  i can't wait for this chapter to begin. 


  1. WOW!! What an awesome series of events! I'm sure it's hard to not be able to give Utah a proper goodbye, but your 8 years of memories there will pull you through. I am just SO excited for you!!

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  2. Hell yeah I have often locked my bag in the boot and when we had a station wagon I would have a blanket or something that I could toss on top of my bag which I sat on the floor in the back seat with the blanket kind of thrown over it in a hap hazard way to hide it.

    All that said what great news you got the apartment you wanted

  3. So happy for you both!! It's a little reassuring knowing you found an apartment so quickly. My boyfriend and I are trying to figure out our next steps for trying to find an apartment in a totally different state. It's not easy. We will probably be doing airbnb! I hope you find a job soon as well. I'm just glad to hear you're so happy!

  4. I am so so glad you found an apartment! SO excited for you!

  5. Welcome to LA! I'm so glad things worked out for you. I'm totally biased but I think Southern California is pretty great! :)

  6. So exciting, I can not wait to read about your adventures!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

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