Lot 48: best british tv shows

January 13, 2017

best british tv shows

today my husband is on his way to LA with all of our earthly possessions and then the next day he will finally be here and i won't have a hole in my stomach where he should be.  i'm half of one person without him and i need my other half back. 

i have been watching a lot of british tv lately.  when you're unemployed and you get back from Christmas vacation and you're really sick so you just stay in bed and feel guilty because you should be writing but you can't even stand up without without being dizzy so you just watch netflix. i don't know why i am on a british tv kick.  i have found myself calling people "nutter" and "bugger off" a lot.  i have found that i love slow moving murder mysteries so be warned.  murders don't get solved in 40 minutes. they get solved in periods weeks and months.  and i think the mark of good writing is being able to drag it out and keep the audience interested.  

this one was good but it wasn't one that i would go grabbing people's faces on the street and shaking them and saying "you have to watch this show!!" it was good.  i didn't fall in love with the main character.  they were trying to make her a mess, her life a mess but failed.  she wasn't a mess.  she actually had it pretty together, i thought.  the plot was good.  i really liked the plot. its about a murder of a oddball guy in a small town and as the detectives dig deeper into the murder they discover it is a huge pharmaceutical company conspiracy.  its worth watching.  3 stars. 

this.  show.  this is a show that i want to grab stranger's faces on the street and say "you have to watch this show!" but i want to save that for only one of the shows listed.  this is about a brilliant detective who sees his dead victims.  like his dead victims just hang around with him and talk to him and he talks back to them and he looks like a crazy person 70% of the time.  the victims of the cases he works hang around until he solves their murders and then they go away.  the mini series is mostly about solving the death of his partner, jackie, who was a deeply lovable character.  this show was so well written and the characters were exquisite.   must watch.  5 stars. 

now let us embark on the shows that we all know about and it is obvious they are must sees.

i was sooo excited when i heard this show was coming.  i am fascinated about anything royal.  i devour anything royal.  i couldn't wait for it to air.  it did not disappoint.  i smell emmy nominations and wins all over it, especially after the golden globe wins for best drama and claire foy taking best actress which i was not surprised at all.  this show is absolutely brilliant.  queen elizabeth was so young when she became queen.  so young.  she was my age!  and she took it so seriously and handled it with such grace from the beginning.  i do hope that her husband is not such a whining pathetic excuse of a man as the show portrays.  i hate her husband.  grow a pair.   a real man rises to the occasion, takes it upon himself to find happiness and find interests and be happy.  stop complaining.  every single word out of his mouth is a complaint.  i wanted to slap him so many times.  this show was so beautifully done i was so sad when it was over.  it ended on such a sad note i really really cried when it ended.  i have zero idea why it was rated TV-MA.  it shows the king's backside but that is the only thing i can remember.  

'nuff said.  i really don't need to go on.  except i really love how they dig deep into why luther is the way he is, why he needs to save people.  when i first started watching it, i stayed up late binging and after episode 3, i was so terrified, so scared, i woke up taran and started screaming.  that episode was so creepy!! terrifying! i made him check all the closets and bathroom and shower and everything and clung to him.  i don't remember ever being so scared in my life.

'nuff said.  i really don't need to go on. except the season 4 premiere was terrible.  what were they thinking!??! honestly!! now this is the show i grab people's faces, shake them angrily and saw WHY HAVEN'T YOU SEEN THIS!! there was a dental assistant at my dentists office who i demanded that he watch it by the time i come back in six months.  me and the dentist both were badgering him and were shocked he hadn't seen it.  when i came back, he still hadn't seen it, and i actually got really mad.  like seriously mad.  unacceptable.  just, unacceptable.  but the abominable bride episode was exquisite.  haven't watched the second episode of season 4 yet so i'm positive it will get better.  and i'm sure what happened at the end of the first episode is not real.  i'm sure its fine.  5 million trillion stars.

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  1. River and The Crown are on my list after I finish The Killing.

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  2. I watch a lot of British shows I think often they are some of the best shows around

  3. I have only seen one episode of The Crown so far, but I loved it. And I really like Sherlock too.

  4. I started watching The Crown on Friday night and I'm about 7 episodes in. So far I agree with your thoughts - especially about how whiny her husband is!! He's driving me crazy and he's the ONLY reason I haven't watched all the episodes yet.

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