Lot 48: a supportive husband

January 5, 2017

a supportive husband

i must sing the praises of my husband.

there is literally no greater man you will meet in your life.

when he tells people he is moving to LA so i can be a tv writer, people respond with "wow!  you are so understanding!"  or they get really confused and ask " wait, so.... um... how does that work, does she just move there and suddenly she is a writer?" and then taran explains that i have lived there before and i have connections and i didn't just wake up one morning and decide to become a tv writer.

after taran explains that i've lived here before and everything, there is always an "oh!!!" like an "oh!! so she isn't insane. this could actually happen!" its quite amusing.

i haven't met many guys who would pick up everything in their lives and move to another place in they have only been to once just because his needs to follow some crazy dream.  its really incredible how incredible he is.  

when i became an "adult" and i saw women moving for their husbands jobs, i get angry because i didn't understand why the husband never moves for the woman's job.  i know, this is a super annoying and feminist statement and feel free to just close this post now, but that is something that always bothered me.  its incredibly rare that i see a man move for the wife's career.  i can count on one hand the women i know that has happened for.  

i really am the luckiest that taran is so willing to move for me.  i am lucky that his company is so flexible, that they value him, that he is such a hard worker.  i am so, so incredibly blessed. 

our apartment fell through so we have been in LA all week trying to find an apartment while taran works at his new LA office and i apartment hunt all day.  i am exhausted i want to cry.  i have seen so many places and haven't liked any of them, so keep your fingers crossed that today is the day that that changes! 


  1. Nothing better than a supportive husband! I'm so sorry your apartment fell through! I hope you find something ASAP! :)

  2. Awww....it's like in Father of the Bride when Annie gets the opportunity to take a promotion and transfer to Boston and Brian is resistant first but then he's like, "Duh, I can work anywhere! Let's go!"


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