Lot 48: 2017 word for the year

January 3, 2017

2017 word for the year

2016 was a weird year.  weird is the best word to describe it.  it started out with lots of excitement and i probably thought it was "my year" and all that.  i finally became a police dispatcher and was finally in law enforcement.  i waited four long months to get in and the waiting and getting in was a really terrible process.

i thought i had found my calling.  i thought i had found where i had belonged.  so i chose the word joy for 2016.

as i went deeper into my police dispatcher training and came to the crushing realization that this career path was not for me, i changed the word to hope. my dream was shattered and i was lost.

i really enjoyed the last six months of 2016 working for my Church.  the last two weeks of december have been a rollercoaster to put it lightly.  they were rough and joyous.

i ask noor to make me a beautiful print for the new year with my new word i had chosen: confident.  with the move to los angeles, i really wanted something that i could constantly look at when i was doubting myself and that i could call upon for inspiration.

i am so in love with this print!  i love the texture and the color and the font.  i especially love the texture.  i know that i will look to this many times this year and remind myself to not get intimidated, that i am a good writer, that demi lovato is in fact onto something, and that in order for me to succeed in this business we call show i can't get flustered and drown in self doubt.  that won't do.  

i really love choosing just a word for the year instead of goals for the year.  i find it much more satisfying and i also am more accomplished by the end of the year because i focus on more thing instead of shifting my focus on several goals. 

i'm excited for what 2017 will bring! 


  1. If I had to choose a word for the year it would be happiness, I chose to be happy and sometimes you have to chose to be happy over being mad, sad, or pissed

  2. Such a great word to carry with you through 2017! I know it'll bring you comfort. I look forward to hearing more about your move!


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