Lot 48: 2017

October 11, 2017

what's next?

there is this part in the season 5 finale of veep when selena has to give to the presidency over to her successor and she is walking with her secret service and all these people and she just looks like she is walking to her death.  the death of her soul.  the walk is the last walk where she is surrounded by people that make her look important.  like she matters. its the end of her presidency and she has no idea what to do next.

she schemed and fought and worked so hard to win the election to secure her presidency but she lost. she was so sure she would win, but she was screwed over and she lost.

when the episode ends,  she ends up on a bleacher in a park not far from her successor's inauguration parade.  she hears the inauguration music and for a moment, pretends its for her.  just for a second, pretends that she did win the election and that she is the president.  


its been two weeks and a half weeks since my temp contract ended at dc comics.  i was so sure that i would have a job lined up when my contract ended, but i didn't.  its been two weeks and i still don't have a job.  

i am helping out with a movie and getting great experience, and i am learning a lot. i am really, really lucky that i am on this movie and have the opportunity to help out.  i have been doing a lot of social media promotion because that is my strength and its been going really well.  i've also been assigned assistant to the assistant director.  i'm doing to learn so much on set while we are shooting, i can't wait!

my UCLA program is boss.  it is beyond great.  its really aggressive which i think is really good.  even though its only two night a week, we are expected a lot of.

this quarter we are writing a spec script, which is a script of a show that is already on the air.  writers usually write it as a sample to show what they can do to get hired on a writing staff or to get representation.

i've chosen to write superstore and i'm really excited about it.  today we have to pitch three story ideas for our episode and then the class picks which story i'm going to write for my episode.  so i have to love all the stories i pitch and i've had to come up with a lot of ideas.  in comedy, each episode usually has three story lines, what we call an a, b and c story line.   the a story line is the main focus of the episode, and then the b and c are the other stories that are happening while the a story is happening.  that means i've had to think of 9 solid stories to write in a week.  9 solid stories that i not only could write, but that i would want to write.  i don't want to get stuck writing a storyline that i am not in love with.

its been fun coming up with all these ideas but also stressful.  this is when friends who watch the show too come to the rescue as i've asked them to help me think of ideas that could happen in the show.  i'll let you know what my episode is about in a while.  a long while.

i am so in love with this program and all my professors and everyone around me is creative and just die hard tv fans like me and i feel like i'm dreaming when i'm in class.  on monday when we had our lecture class, i was an hour and a half early.  for someone who is always late to everything, you can understand what that means.  this program is so important to me and i love everything about it.  i am learning so much i'm just completely in love.

this weekend i'm going to utah to see my person bestie patrisha and will be back sunday.  i am looking forward to seeing fall foliage and feeling fall cold air.  la hasn't gotten the memo that its october and it is supposed to be chilly.

it has taken me a while to find my footing after dc comics ended but i think i have now.  things are good.  xoxo.


September 15, 2017

it's just prom for adults

ITS THE EMMYS ON SUNDAY!! the night i look forward to the most all year long!! i am especially excited this year. why? i'm going to keep you in suspense. but here is a teaser.

before this magical weekend began, i had to tell you something.

i have said many times that i will get an emmy even if it kills me. i've talked so many times about how much i love the emmys. i hold shows that have won emmys in high esteem.

but the truth is, the emmys mean nothing.

it's all a popularity contest. do the shows and people honored on sunday mean that the shows and people not honored didn't work as hard as those who were honored? who are not as talented? not necessarily. worked as hard? heck no. it takes SO MUCH WORK to make a tv show. everyone is equal in that. talent? not everyone is equal in that.


there are always going to be shows that are not recognized that should be. shows and people who are recognized that people, including myself think shouldn't be. (cough, alexis bledel, cough.)

it's a popularity contest. people in the academy vote for the friends. they vote for reasons i don't understand. it's prom. kings and queens (outstanding lead actor and actress in comedy and drama series') are chosen. it's popularity. it's politics. what studio has the most nominations. what studio has the most wins. what show has the most noms. what show has the most wins.

it doesn't matter. none of it does. but it is still so freaking fun. i can't wait to see everyone's dresses and see who wins. and this year is going to be the most entertaining because game of thrones didn't qualify and this is us is the first network show to be nominated in over a decade. so the drama category is going to be really really interesting to watch.

i can't wait!!

but years later when i actually get to go, and when i am nominated years later, i have to remember.

it doesn't matter.

September 11, 2017

never forget

This day always makes me sad as I imagine it does for others. I always feel a bit helpless, because I want so desperately to do something to remember the souls who died that day, fought that day, stood up for our freedom that day. But I don't know what to do. This, writing a blog post and maybe wearing red white and blue is all I can think to do.

Isn't that sad? That's all I can think to do? I could text my brother in law who is a Captain (? I think that is his ranking? I always forget) in the Army and thank him for his service and his many deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan? I don't really know what else to do. It makes me sad that nobody really does anything for this important holiday. Nobody talks about it, nobody mentions it, nothing. That doesnt seem right to me.

Taran and I went to NYC for thanksgiving last year and went to the 911 Memorial and Museum and you can read about our visit here. It was very heavy. I cried a lot. Afterwards we felt like we had just attended a funeral and really, we had. I'm so glad I was able to go.

So on this Patriot Day, I will never forget and I will keep the families of those who lost loved ones that day in my prayers.

September 6, 2017

50 questions

toady i wanted to answer these 50 questions that i stole from kelly's blog because they are too fun!  i love answering fun questions like these!

i also wanted to be sure you got these 20 beautiful free styled stock photos from sc stockshop.  if you aren't on the email list, get on it!  she gives free styled images the beginning of each month and they are always gorgeous.  this month, she gave away 20 free ones! they are too pretty not to share, here ya go!

1. what’s your favorite candle scent? any fall or Christmas scent.  i love frosted cranberry and pumpkin candles.  fall scents are at the top of my list.

2. what female celebrity do you wish you were related to? amy schumer.  she is so hilarious and does the kind of self disrespectful humor that i do.  her comedy albums are sooo inappropriate i can only listen to a few tracks before i feel like i need to repent but i still love her.  having her as like, an older sister would be awesome.  i feel like she would give me the best advice and totally have my back.

3. what male celebrity do you wish was your brother?  chace crawford.  have you seen his instagram?  he is so funny!  and he seems like a really good guy.  he would be fun to hang out with and seems like he would be a good protective older brother.  and i've never had a brother before so he seems like a good choice!

4. what’s your favorite thing about marriage? that you always have someone to hang out with.  and that i get to live with taran and be with him every free second that i have.  i love him so much, its kind of embarassing because i often cry when i try to explain to him how much i love him and how happy i am that i have him as my partner in life and i have him for eternity and that i get to live with him and build a life with him and have him by side always and get to have children with him someday.   i get really emotional when i really think about how lucky i am that we found each other and how lucky i am that a man of such a caliber wants me.  it truly blows my mind.

5. what’s one thing you own that you should probably get rid of, but just can’t?  little papers that have ideas for shows or characters of ideas to make my scripts better that i will probably never use.  i don't know what to do with them.  they are just sitting there on my desk making a mess.  i need a folder or a drawer or a box or something.

6. can you do a split? yes!  i was a dancer for 12 years so yes!  i can't do one as extreme as i used to, but i can still do one!

7. how old were you when you learned how to ride a bike? oh my, i am not sure.  probably like 5 or 6?  i just remember being scared.

8. how many oceans have you swam in? pacific and mediterranean.

9. how many countries have you been to?   mexico, canada for literally 10 minutes (my uncle lives near the border) bahamas, united kingdom, paris, and italy.

10. is anyone in your family in the army? my brother in law is.  he is near retirement and has been deployed twice.  my grandpa was in WWII and my uncle was in vietnam and was in the middle of some really serious situations.

11. what was your favorite TV show when you were a child?  lizzie miguire! that was when i was in middle school.  when i was a kid kid, it was that animated show on nickelodeon with the girl with red hair and her parents took her all around on safaris and she could talk to animals.  also, that animated show where the kids were on skateboards all the time and they lived in new zealand or australia.

12. what did you dress up as on Halloween when you were eight? when i was eight?  that's very specific.  i don't know.  i do remember dressing up as an angel.  i think i did that when i was nearing the end my trick or treating days, i think i was in middle school.

13. have you read any of the Harry Potter, Hunger Games or Twilight series? all of harry potter obviously! and yes, the hunger games.  so depressing.  and no, not twilight.  never twilight.

14. would you rather have an American accent or a British accent? british!

15. have you ever taken karate lessons? no.

16. do you know who Kermit the frog is? yes.  man does he have the most annoying voice!

17. what’s the first amusement park you’ve been to? probably disneyland?

18. what language, besides your native language, would you like to be fluent in?  i took 2 years of spanish in college and got "intermediate" i would say.  i waitressed my way through college and while in my final advanced spanish class, i was waitressing throughout the entire weekend.  at the restaurant, all the cooks spoke spanish so by sunday night i was dreaming in spanish and thinking in spanish and translating my thoughts into english.  it was really great.  but then college ended, i stopped speaking as much and i got really rusty.  sometimes though, i just start yelling in spanish and my husband is like "whaaat??" and i'm like "was that spanish?" and i didn't realize.

19. do you spell the color as grey or gray?  grey.

20. do you know triplets? i think when i was training as a dancer there were a pair of triplets in at my dance center.

21. do you prefer Titanic or The Notebook?  the notebook! the live together throughout their whole lives!

22. have you ever had Indian food? yes! i like it but i have to be in the right mood.  the best indian food i've had was this little restaurant on my study abroad when we were in stratford-upon-avon.  i still think about that meal sometimes.

23. what’s the name of your favorite restaurant? there is this famous bakery here in LA called portos that is incredible.  they have the best desserts and pastries and they have these things called "potato balls" which they put meat and peppers in that are absolutely amazing.  out of this world.  taran and i love little dessert places to go to late at night on the weekends.  if we haven't really done anything exciting yet on a weekend i'll get dressed up and we will go get dessert at a authentic bakery.  we had one back in utah and when we moved here we were like "we have to find one here!" this one totally does the trick.

24. have you ever been to Olive Garden? of course! bring on allll the breadsticks and salad!

25. what would your parents have named you if you were the opposite gender? stevie.  my older sister, my parents actually thought she was going to be a boy.  they had boy clothes bought and everything.  they were going to name her stevie.  but nope, she was a girl!

26. if you have a nickname, what is it?  lu.  my dad calls me lala.  taran calls me the usual petnames, but the one he calls me the most is sweetheart.

27. who’s your favorite person in the world?  my husband taran.

28. would you rather live in a rural area or in the suburbs? neither! but if i had to choose, suburbs! i'm a city girl!

29. can you whistle?  no! and i hate that! i wish i could!

30. do you sleep with a nightlight? no.

31. do you eat breakfast every morning? no.  i love breakfast foods, but i prefer to sleep than eat.  if i feel like eating, i have a box of oatmeal in my desk drawer at work.

32. how many times have you been to the hospital? oh geez, i don't know.  and i had a surgery that was embarrassing so lets skip this question..

33. have you ever seen Finding Nemo? just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

34. where do you buy your jeans? target! they have the best jeans.  jeans are the trickiest part of the wardrobe to buy i think.  they have to fit just right.  target or old navy does it right.

35. what’s the last compliment you got?  that i look beautiful without makeup.  a sweet woman went out of her way to say that to me at church and i was so shocked.  i think i look like a ghost.

36. do you usually remember your dreams in the morning? yes.  if they are patricianly impressionable, i remember them years later, sometimes.

37. favorite beverage that isn’t water?  sprite!

38. how many pairs of shoes do you currently own? 50?

39. how old were you when you found out that Santa wasn’t real? i don't remember...

40. what is one food that you used to hate but now you love? mangos! i loooove dried mangos.  they are my very very favorite snack.  and taran loooves having mangos around the house.  growing up i used to eat around them in fruit salads but since i love them dried and taran keeps them in the house, i have been eating them either way!

41. what is a weird lie you’ve told? not sure.  i did once tell a lie that my grandma died to get out of an audition that i forgot about to not look bad to my agent.

42. heels or flats? i looove heels and would wear them every day if i could! but they hurt! so i wear flats everyday.  i can only wear heels for a few hours.

43. do you have any weird phobias? okay, this is suuper weird.  but i can't look at something with tiny little circles reeeaaally close together.  i know its so weird!! i have to look away! also, i have a weird phobia of fish.  on my birthday when we were on catalina island, we did a half underwater boat ride and the fish were right up against the glass and they just freaked me out.  they are so slimy and gross and they are always looking at you in the eye and i don't like them in the ocean or on my plate! no fish for me!

44. what is a phrase or word you always say? "i do."  thats in response to a question.  my friend pointed it out when we were trying to pick out our friends' idiosyncrasies.  if someone was asked "do you like fruit loops?" i would answer "yes" i would say "i do! that is my go to cereal!"

45. what is a song that you blast or belt out when you are alone?  sing for me by christina aguilera.

46. what is one of your biggest pet peeves?  feet.  feet on pillows.  feet on tables.  put your feet where they belong and put them on the floor! and be put some socks on!

47. do you sleep with your closet door open or closed?  open because we don't have central ac so we need the ac unit in the living room to waft into our bedroom.

48. would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of bees? actually, a big bear.  getting a million little bee stings would be terrible and i feel confident that i could chill out the bear or get myself out of the situation.

49. do you have any weird things you do? when i am babysitting, i get really uncomfortable being alone with a child so i just start talking to them like they are an adult.  like whatever is on my mind, i just start talking.  my nicephews have heard me talk more about my moral dilmmas and what i think about global crises than my husband has.  i also talk to the baby like they are an adult and ask them "what do you think of the debt crises in greece?" just as a joke while they are playing with blocks.  its just a whole narration, i really can't get myself to shut up.  its really weird.  its not like the kid would be offended if i stopped talking.  they would probably be relieved.

50. what movie could you watch over and over again and still love? pretty much any melissa mccarthy movie.  the heat, spy, identity thief and boss..  those are some of my very favorite movies ever and i would never get sick of them!

this was fun! i hope you will all take this 50 questions challenge and do it too! leave your links in the comments section!

August 28, 2017

its a doxey thing

hello hello! we just got back from family vacation! aka family "staycation" meaning we all went home to our house for a week.  i didn't go the full week, i went thursday - sunday because mama's got to work.  it was really hard because taran was in park city for his company's annual conference so we were apart for four days which is a long time for us! i know, you want to get out the world's tiniest violin, but that is a long time for us and it was really, really hard.  but we did it! taran joined me on friday. 

the best part of the trip was that i got to finally meet my newest nephew moses! he was just shy of 3 months old and i fell so hard crazy in love with him.  he is the smiliest, sweetest, most talkative baby out there and i am so, so in love with him.

he is a very bad sleeper and didn't take a very long nap and was getting fussy so i rocked him and sang "edelweiss" and managed to get him to sleep.  we were heading out to the lake and while my sister was putting her other 3 kids in the car i put a blanket over him and he just slept on me for about 15 minutes and it was absolute heaven.  then i managed to transfer him to his carseat without waking him up!  success!

guys! isn't he so fat and chunky and cute? i love him so, so much!

all 10 of my nicephews love playing with each other and get so excited when we all get together.  they have so much fun.  my mom made these shirts that say "cousins make the best friends" and we did a photoshoot with all of them together and it was adorable.  i'm so glad they are all friends and close in age.  

later that day, we went to the lake.  in the summertime in my family, thats what we do, we go to the lake.  we got a boat when i was 14 and man have we worn and torn the crap out of that thing! since there were so many of us and not all of us could fit on the boat, we took turns and set up a spot on the beach.  it was a great day.  we supervised the kids as they played with shovels and buckets in the sand and continuously applied sunscreen on them, then switch! we did it all over again with another batch of niecephews. 

my niece vienna and i chilling on the beach

me riding the tube with my sweet nephew oliver and my niece avery.  they did not want to go outside the wake and wanted to go slow.  they are four days apart in age and are 5.  they are so adorable.  oliver's little hands as he held on so tightly to the handles with his adorable cheeks that i just wanted to cover in kisses.  avery is usually so fierce and brave to the point we are all afraid for her but she really really didn't want to go fast and and she really really didn't want to go outside the wake.  tubing can be scary for my babies!  

i went on the tube with my bigger boys as well, lincoln and eli, and they wanted to go outside the wake and go fast and i was so impressed.  like i said, i have been going to the lake since i was 14, so i have been tubing for 13 years and have it down to a science.  i got to show them how to lean the opposite way when going over a wake and it was really fun but i did not want them to fall off.  i held onto them real tight!

that night we had a surprise baby shower for my sister rachelle.  it is her first boy! i'm so glad we did it for her and were able to make her feel special.  it was small, just my sisters and i, my mom, and two family friends.  i think once moms are on their second child, its easy for their loved ones to slip up and forget to treat the unborn baby as special as they would the first.  but we need to! each child is just as special and each pregnancy is just as special.  i was so glad we were able to get some things for the baby and celebrate baby james! 

the next day taran finally arrived! my family went to pine valley to hike, a little place north of saint george where we used to have a cabin.  taran was on his way down from park city, and i wasn't able to go or else i would miss his arrival.  nonetheless, my babies are cute so i must include pictures.
my brother in law carrying 2/3 of his children.  haha. 

must pack suckers on hikes to keep children happy!

this was our cabin when i was growing up! we would go there all the time and i have such good memories there.  we had our dog max when we had the cabin and it was his absolute favorite place.  behind the cabin was a hill that he would run down with a stream at the bottom.  no matter if it was summer or winter and the water was below freezing, he would swim in it and bark at all the fish and try to catch them.  he would roll around and play in the snow.  when we hiked, he would always walk ahead of us to make sure everything was alright for us.  he always looked out for us.  the cabin was his kingdom.  there was a tiny little attic in the cabin that i thought was so cool that i would always sleep in with my sister whenever we stayed.  we would eat dinner late and stay up talking at the fireplace.  we would play games as a family and it was a rare occasion that my oldest sisters weren't fighting, a very rare time then, haha. i loved that cabin! 

my babies "helping" my mom make cupcakes that night. 

my parents made us shirts too! i love they always do this.  they did this four years ago at our last staycation!

the next day we went to the lake again!

the kids are so cute on the tube!

my dad being funny with his grandkids. 

the beach!

my niece wanted a picture of us girls.  so cute.

look how awesome taran is on the tube!

i have a season pass to universal studio, and the day before i left for the trip, i went there with a friend.  we were in honeydukes and i thought it would be fun if i had the kids try bertie botts every flavored beans.  at first they were only asking for the good flavors.  but then they got into it and got brave tasting the bad flavors!

lincoln was so cute when he did it.  we gave him sausage and he was completely fine with it.  he held up his finger, chewed, then nonchalantly said "it tastes like meat."

of course we had to take pictures in our shirts!

my neck look so weird in these pictures.  the photographer was on practically on the ground to be at level with the kids to get their attention, so i was trying to look down without looking like i had multiple chins.  it was awkward.

it was a great week.  happy monday everyone!

August 2, 2017

why ugly Betty is my favorite show

yesterday was heavy, so lets brighten it up.  i love this blog.  this is the only place where i am able to write and i don't have to think about character or plot or dialogue and i can't just write.  if i haven't written something by the end of the day i get a little crazy.  like a crack addict who doesn't get their fix.  i believe the term is jonesing?  this blog is my outlet to get my writing fix without banging my head against a wall and think thoughts such as "you have no talent!"  "you will never get hired as a writer!" "what story am i telling!?" "i don't know how to get this character from point A to B!"

i don't think anybody knows this about me, but ugly betty is my favorite tv show.   maybe not my favorite favorite (hi gilimore girls) but it is up there!

here's betty.
 the show is not particularly well written, it isn't a tv classic or a cult classic or anything, but i love it for so many reasons.

and if you haven't seen it this is my reaction.

and if you have seen it, then betty and i give you the thumbs up!

it has been a decade since it aired.  for those of you who don't know the premise: a latina girl who is on the "bigger side" (so stupid, betty you're beautiful! betty la bonita no betty la fea!) with glasses and braces gets a job mode, a fashion magazine, to the editor in chief.  she doesn't have an interest in fashion but wants to be a writer.

this is the editor in chief, daniel meade.  he's a goof and we all love him.

the creative director of the magazine and villain of the show, wilhelmenia slater.  the below entrance when she walks into mode is my favorite little bit of the entire series.  fierce. rawr. 

but she scary

what i love about this show and what made this show capture my heart are a few things and they are mostly all about betty,

1. she is so perky, kind, smart, positive, and brave.  i want to be her when i grow up.  i wouldn't have survived a day at mode, but she survives four years!

2. no matter how many blunders she does along the way, including embarassing moments, being too trusting, getting screwed over, getting constantly mocked, running into walls and people, she keeps moving forward.

3. her character growth is inspiring! look at her! you would have to see the show, but no matter how many times people tell her "you have to be cutthroat  to make it in this business!" she never listens or gives in and always takes the high road.  she is always a good person but as the show goes on, finds ways to change the people around her for the better.

4. marc and amanda.  marc is wilhelmenia's assistant and amanda is the receptionist.  they are terrible people.  amanda is so out of touch with reality.  they mock betty mercilessly but they end up becoming her closest friends.  because thats what happens when youre around betty.  you can't help but love her.  they are the funniest people in the show.  and i love them.

i still watch this show and i just keep watching it over and over and over again.  i bonded with my best friend amy over it, and if i didn't love this show, what would we have bonded over and become friends over? what, i say?  i have such fond memories from college of coming home after a long shift waitressing, putting in a batch of muffins, taking a shower and then eating a bowl of soup, some muffins and watching ugly betty.  it was my favorite way to unwind from the day.


August 1, 2017

hello, old friend.

i'm coming to you as i pull myself out of a hole i buried myself in consisting of exquisite tv, writing education and fear.  

as taran and i were driving to the orange county fair last weekend and were stuck on the freeway for two and a half hours, i looked at all the cars and wondered how many of them came here with a similar dream as mine.  

essentially, this city is filled with narcissists.  we come here from all over the world because we think we know more about film, tv, makeup, costume design, production design, directing, photography, than the people here.  or maybe we just know that we will die if we don't try to be one of those things.  i'm not saying we aren't here to learn, because we are.  we are so hungry to learn just imagine thousands of us holding up signs "will work for experience" if that was financially possible.  i don't know whose brilliant idea it was to make breaking into the business so impossible and based entirely on who you know, but i want to kick them in the groin.  breaking into this business often feels like stripping naked in front of a stranger and asking for a favor again and again and again.  

i'm in this enormous fish bowl where i am just a tiny little guppy fish and trying to survive among all these other fish fighting for the same food.  we're all hungry.  starving, really. starving for our chance to prove our worth, our talent, our contribution to this multi-billion dollar entertainment industry.  people from back home repeatedly ask me "how's LA?" i think i just told you.  its like that part in gilmore girls where rory is at the pulp fiction party in season five and logan asks how school is and she says "school's hard" in a tone that says "it's yale, logan. what other response were you expecting."  

so how's LA?  its hard.  its a big fish bowl.  its ivy league.  big leagues.  any other metaphors you want to use, insert here.  its frustrating.  tear out your hair frustrating.  when i'm not at work, i spend all my brain power on writing and reading scripts and thinking about what is a good idea for a show, what should i write for my pilot, what's funny, and 'oh no this idea is good but it feels like a drama, i don't want to write a drama,' 'i need to read this book about writing,'  'i need to do a lesson today of the shonda rhimes masterclass,' 'i need to contact my writing partner in my group for that class and talk to her about our spec,' 'i need to watch this show, ' 'i need to figure out a way to meet this person,' 'i need to go to this networking event.'  i feel like i have two full time jobs.  

its a very strange sensation to be working this hard and to be this frustrated with something that you love so much.  and to be so slap happy to be here in the place you love the most with the person you love the most trying to do the thing you love the most.  i wouldn't want to be doing anything else.  

thanks for letting me rant. 

awkward ending.  need to work on my act out.

July 13, 2017

my emmy nominations

today is the day! today is the day that emmy nominations come out! aka the day i get really happy and really mad.  mad that shows are snubbed, happy that shows deserve their praises are praised.  i really tried to go to "for your consideration" events which are panels where the cast and producers of the shows talk about the past season but by the time i realized i could go to these awesome events, they had passed.  i was able to go to this event and it was truly amazing.  i was near tears at the end for my love of television and was slap happy that i was inside the academy of television and sciences building! i was too late! next year! 

my nominations are in no way organized, but more of a list of shows that i feel need to be recognized. 

this show is about a spy who is in a type of spy that doesn't have a cover.  he has to do his actual cover job and do his spy job too.  its all very stressful.  so much happens and he gets so far buried and it is so well written.  i don't know if anyone but taran and i watched this show but us because i have literally heard no one but us talk about it.  but it is one of the best shows i have seen in years.  so well written.  i want this nominated for writing and outstanding drama series although i think it would qualify as limited series. 

i've talked about this show before and how it was created by one of my writing icons and yada yada but it really was so good.  it premiered mid season so only had about 12 episodes but each was gold.  i demand an outstanding comedy series nomination for this one! 

this was also a winner.  winner winner.  this is about a con man (pardon me pete, its confidence man, i know thats the correct term) and the mess a scam he played got him into.  he is into some very deep mud that you really see no way out of but by golly that man is brilliant and he figures it out! i demand a writing nom at least as well as an acting nom from Giovanni Ribisi! 

the only time gilmore girls was even nominated for an emmy was for makeup in 2004, which they won.  lauren was nominated for a golden globe in 2002 but this show always was seriously, seriously overlooked in terms of recognition.  there was some debate as to what category the reboot show would compete in but it was decided it would compete in the limited series category. amy and dan sherman-palladino have always been incredible writers and i have always looked up to them as writers and learned from them as writers.  but in this reboot, they really, really shone.  i will be incredibly furious if today they don't get nominated for at least spring or fall episodes.  i know a lot of some people hated the reboot but to me, it was perfect.  and thats all im going to say about it. 

 i think the gorgeous clothes blinded my ability to analyze a show well.  this didn't get the best reviews.  it was claimed to have too many secrets and intrigue but thats what i loved about it.  truthfully,  the only emmy nomination it deserves it in costume design.  but i had to put it out there to tell you to watch it. 

again, why am i the only one who watched this? a nyc lawyer comes to a small town to defend a man accused of killing his wife, tasked with a group of incompetent but loving buffoons. this was a new kind of hilarity that i have yet to see on the small screen.  it was new and fresh.  i demand an outstanding comedy series nomination! 

you didn't expect me to get through this list without mentioning mr robot did you?  something i do as part of writing exercises is watching exquisite writing and breaking it down piece by piece.  i did this with the pilot, which was nominated for outstanding writing for a drama series and when i was done all writing for drama shows made a lot more sense to me.  but guys,  i haven't seen the second season so i am just listing this by faith that second season was as good as the first.  because first should have been nominated for outstanding drama series.  which leads me to my next point.

but really guys, truth be told, i don't know what i'm talking about.  i tell taran that his media consumption is filled with candy and he has no meals.  i claim to have my protein by watching fargo (which i would list here but i haven't seen the latest season) but really, i think that my media consumption is just candy too.  i get caught up in storytelling that just plain entertains me.  i'm not a tv critic.  i try to be.  but i'm not.  but i'm learning. i'm learning. 

i wrote this last night, not knowing what the noms were.  and there was a big debate