December 26, 2016


that is right my friends! i am FINALLY moving back to LA after five years away!

it is crazy how it happened.

you all know that i lived in LA 5 1/2 years ago (oh my gosh was it really that long ago?!!) and that i am a tv writer.  i would say aspiring tv writer but in the wise words of shonda rhimes "i don't believe in the term aspiring writer.  if you love to write, you're a writer, go write." so that is what i am doing.

5 years ago i did two internships in LA at two production companies to get my foot in the door to become a tv writer.  i want to write comedy television and i went to LA with a modern family spec.  for your education, i wrote the anatomy of a tv show so you know how this works and when i say i wrote a spec script for modern family you know what that means. but in case you haven't read that post, a spec script is a script you write entirely for your own personal use.  christopher lloyd (creator) isn't going to call me and ask to buy the episode of modern family that i wrote.  it is a script that i use to show to producers, other writers, whomever to show what i can do and that i can write.

i hate that it has taken me this long to get back to LA.  i missed it so much.  i went back in 2013 to see and feel if it was time for me to move back, but it wasn't because i just gone on my second first date with taran.  back in april, taran and i went to LA because he had never been and i didn't want taran to move to a place that he had never even been to.

in november we started getting really serious about it.  we started planning the move and this is where the really great part comes in.  taran's work has an office in the LA area.  so that was a huge part of our planning to move.

when i got fired  last friday, everything fell into place.  that whole week, we had been looking at apartments because i was starting to lose my mind that we weren't in LA yet.  i had had enough and was going crazy that we were still in Utah.  taran talked to his boss boss and said that he wanted to transfer to the LA office.  his boss boss said that he was considering giving him a promotion in the first place (because duh, its taran and he is brilliant) where taran would physically go the places where they need  a tech support guy and taran would fix the problems on site.  this would be a promotion and come with a raise.

like i said, the whole week leading up to that friday i got fired, we were looking at apartments and found one that we could actually afford and were emailing a lot with the landlord.  it seemed almost too good to be true.  taran wanted to wait until he got this promotion.

so i got fired.  there was nothing keeping me in utah anymore.  there was no point in me applying and looking for jobs in utah when at any moment tarans boss would promote him and then we would pack up everything and leave.

it was time.  it was beyond time.  it was time to move.  it was time for our adventure.

we prayed about it.  we freaked out.  we took turns freaking out.  we took turns having panic attacks when we signed the lease on our new apartment the day after i got fired and had synchronized panic attacks when we paid the landlord an insane amount of money.

in this post i talk about all the things i miss about LA and it still rings true.  LA is where i fit in.   LA is where i feel most at home.  LA is where i am me. it is my home.

i can't wait to move.  we move on jan. 21.  its quick, i know!  but i can't waste anymore time here!

also, i have never been more stressed in my entire life than i am now.  i am pushing myself so hard.  i have this goal to write a brand new pilot in less than a month.  which  is impossible.  i am also taking the aaron sorkin masterclass in screenwriting and want to finish that before we move there.

i have reached out to every single contact i have.  i have followed every job lead i have.  i want an assistant job or a PA job.  my dear friend has come through for me and given me some great job leads thank goodness he is saving my butt.  i know i will get a job once im there but how this industry works is you don't get a job until you are physically there and i hate that part about the industry.

i am going to be a tv writer.  i have to try.  and even if i fail, we are still settling in LA.  i don't know what the future holds, but from where i am standing, that is what our future holds.  from the beginning, we decided we were going to settle in california, in LA and i can't wait for this chapter of our lives to start.

let the adventure begin!!


  1. YAY!!! Lauren this is incredible and so exciting!! It's amazing how things just seem to fall into place. Thank God for this beautiful journey you are about to continue.

  2. I am so excited for you!!!! It is amazing how God has been working to make this happen for you.

  3. Hell yeah let the adventure begin, I hope more things fall into place when you have moved back to LA,I am also so excited for you

  4. I'm sorry to inform you, but you WILL be required to hang out with me once in awhile! :-)

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