Lot 48: NYC final day

December 13, 2016

NYC final day

we are finally on the last day of our NYC trip! woop woopp! recap day 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

its so funny, because literally everyone on my team at work has been to new york in the past month or is there now.  and also people i know outside of work.  its like everyone decided to go this year!  man, i miss it!  i want to go back!! 

our flight left in the afternoon and as i mentioned, we had missed our NBC studio tour twice. we were able to squeeze into the first tour the day  we left.  it was so cool! no pictures were allowed, but we saw the SNL set, the jimmy fallon set,  and more! 

seeing the SNL set was so very cool.  it is pretty big and since they only show small parts of it on tv, i wasn't surprised that i thought it was big.  they showed us where they do the monologues and and where the band is.  it was amazing. 

the best part was at the end when we got to do our own NBC live talk show!  its pretty long, but we were all assigned to be part of the band (that was taran's job) a host, audience, camera operators and a guest!  i volunteered to be the guest, of course, and it was so much fun!

after the tour, we went back to the airbnb and packed up.  it was pouring rain and we could have taken a bunch of trains and connections to trains to get to newark, but given how awful it was getting into the city from laguardia and how long we had to carry our bags, and that it as pouring, we decided to take a car. 

 i took this picture as we were driving to jersey.  i was so so sad to leave new york but also so excited to SIT.  just go to work and sit at my desk and not move.  we were beyond exhausted and i slept the entire flight from newark to atlanta.  the flight from atlanta to salt lake felt really long and i couldn't wait to get into my bed.  

and oh! i forgot the best part! maybe not the BEST part but it was pretty good!  on our last day, day 5, which i included after the post went live so i'm including it here, we went to a bath house!

it was soooo relaxing.  after all the walking we did and how tired we were, it was just what we needed.  i HIGHLY recommend taking time to go to a bath house while in NYC for some down time.  it had six pools, each with different temperatures, and had a salt bath where you could exfoliate with salt they had in a bowl right there.  there was also a sauna and all the nice cool water you could drink.  it was one of my favorite parts of the trip.

the trip was one THE BEST of my life.  i am so glad i got to go with my love and i want to go back!!  i'm so envious of the many, many people i know who are there right now.



  1. The video from NBC studios is so cool! What a fun idea for them to have each tour do. I need to check that out next time I am in NYC!

  2. I'm so glad you had a great trip! I need to go back and do New York right. Fifteen hours wasn't nearly enough time!!


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