Lot 48: NYC day 5

December 8, 2016

NYC day 5

it was sunday morning.  a lovely sunday morning.  where we were oh so very tired.  where we woke up with the intention to go to Church but i kept sleeping.  if you read our day 4 recap you would understand.  we were so, so tired.  also, day 1, day 2, and day 3.  now you're all caught up. 

anywhoozle, this sunday morning we had plans to go to the museum of natural history, which was very convenient because it was really close to where we were staying. away we went. on more adventures!

hangin' with teddy.

i literally got there and said "point me towards the dinosaurs."

i rather enjoyed this tree

can you imagine if that thing was real and right there? i would die from fear.

look at it compared to the dinosaur! sorry, that is a really bad picture.

 we had been at the museum no more than an hour when we we looked at each other at could just tell by the look on each other's faces that we were both thinking the same thing.  we were both dead.  exhausted.  had passed human form and gone to ghosts.  we were so incredibly tired our feet hated us and it wasn't fun anymore.  we decided to go to levain bakery which was close then go back to the apartment to sleep before our nbc studio tour.

can you say fall gorgeous-ness wait that isn't a word

if there was a moment i fell in love with new york, i think this was it.

i thought this side of the building was so cool and old.

shake shack madness 

i really was expecting the best burger of my life here and was disappointed.  i think it was all the hype that did it.

everything was just so gorgeous and old.  where i'm from, everything is not nearly as old.  i love back east because of its history.

levain bakery had a line a mile long.  we ended up skipping it even though i heard nothing but rave things about their cookies and took a cab home.  we were planning on only sleeping for a half an hour when taran woke me.  i got really really crabby and really mean.  i was so tired i had to keep sleeping for my sanity.  so i slept for two hours.  and we missed the nbc studio tour for the second time.  when i woke up, i was much happier, and taran had spent two hours reading and was happy too.  we were actually able to enjoy the rest of the day.

we somehow ended up at macy's. we got off the subway to go to the empire state building and taran had his most new york moment that he will not stop talking about.  we went into the store because i am pretty sure he thought it was fao schwartz and there was this homeless person who yelled at him "get outta here!!" as he passed by and he thought it was the funniest thing ever and he still won't stop talking about it.

this is super creepy

i had no idea that fao schwartz was closed forever!! my heart was broken! so when there was a foot piano in macy's.  at least we had that!!

miracle on 34th anyone? i thought that guy was going to come out of the window and yell "not guilty! i believe in santa claus!" at any moment. 

then we were off to the empire state building! so many people, literally everywhere i read said that the top of the rock was the better view.  but i liked the empire state building so much better!! i liked how we could see the hudson (or was it the east river? probably the east river) and you could see from a bunch of different directions.  

i also liked the building better. and the history.  and all the movies (sleepless in seattle!!!) when i went out onto the observatory, i yelled out "i'm here to meet a man from seattle!! excuse me!!!" 

yes, it was really, really romantic.  i loved the view and there was something so romantic about having the whole world in front of us.  and that we were on this adventure together.  it was really sweet. 

whenever taran sees a picture of us kissing, he always says "my head takes up the whole frame."

another ornament to remember our trip by.

then to times square we went.

it truly was amazing. i don't remember times square from when i was there as a kid. so much to look at! and our Church's Christmas campaign that i shared here where we challenged each day to reach out to someone and #LIGHTtheWORLD. it was so cool to see the company i work for projected in times square!! we loved it.

i had been dying to go to the high line for such a long time.  let the next 3 "snaps" explain 
i said in day 4's post that we wanted to go to the high line that day but i melted down and was too tired.  so the next day we went.  i imagine in the summer it is filled with vendors and street performers but at night in the fall it was deserted but a few people.

good thing that we weren't out during the day, right?

this guy was so creepy.  so so weird.  it was like some art or something.  so weird. 

now the time when i try to be a model and be cool.

we were back in chelsea/greenwich village or whatever.  i really like that part of the city! 

and oh! i forgot the best part! maybe not the BEST part but it was pretty good!  that evening,  we went to a bath house!

it was soooo relaxing.  after all the walking we did and how tired we were, it was just what we needed.  i HIGHLY recommend taking time to go to a bath house while in NYC for some down time.  it had six pools, each with different temperatures, and had a salt bath where you could exfoliate with salt they had in a bowl right there.  there was also a sauna and all the nice cool water you could drink.  it was one of my favorite parts of the trip. very well worth it.  it was so rejuvenating.

then we went to big gay ice cream that every one had raved about and i was disappointed again! what the heck! 

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  1. You didn't love Shake Shack?? What?? ;-)

    I'm bummed I never got to go to FAO Schwartz. Oh well. Glad to know that piano lives on at Macy's, though!!


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