Lot 48: NYC day 3

December 1, 2016

NYC day 3

if you missed the beginning of the trip recaps, here is day 1 and day 2.  apologies for crappy pictures and too many pictures.  but i don't care.

the next morning we decided to go to the statue of liberty.  when i was in nyc 15 years ago, you can do the math and understand that i was there 3 months after 9/11.  the statue of liberty was closed so i had never been there. 

the line was 2 hours long so we decided to go to the 9/11 memorial instead.

the 9/11 memorial museum was really, really heavy. emotionally heavy.  see that big open space with the water?  that is the space where one of the towers sat.  this is the memorial, and then below are videos from the actual museum.  it was really, really difficult to go to the museum.  i cried a lot and there were times i couldn't breathe.  
i think this had the precincts of those who helped that day

this is some of the victims.  there was an entire room of all the victims and there were stories that their loved ones told about each victim playing on repeat.  it was really hard to listen to.  you could learn about each victim which i thought was really amazing but it was too much for me. 

there was a room that took you step by step of the day and kind of relived it and that was when i had to get out of there.  it was too much.  such a sad part of our nation's (and world's really) history.  

i needed a treat to cheer me up so we went across the street to this mall thing so i could get some cupcakes.

it was really pretty and all decked out for Christmas! 

the rest of the evening was really really fun.   we went to grenwich village for italian dinner that my friend recommended and stopped at max brenner for chocolate! 

chocolate pizza!!! guys!  it was chocolate smore pizza can you believe it?! 

we ended up in union square where there was this lovely Christmas festival and it was so so cute and made my heart so happy.  this evening was pure nyc magic and was just magical. 

we got some ornaments to remember the trip by.  we imagined our kids asking about these ornaments when they are older and we imagined telling them about our trip to nyc before we had them and how magical it was and that we would take them some day. 

i also had a macaroon, because, duh.

then we headed to fifth avenue to look at the window displays!  when we first got there, we went to saint patricks cathedral which was on our list so it was perfect!  it was a gorgeous cathedral.  my grandparents were catholic and so i lit a candle for my grandma, who just passed.  even though i am not catholic, the cathedrals and the catholic religion is so special to me because of how important it was to my grandparents.  

when we were at late night with seth meyers, i was looking for the guy statue holding the circle thing like i've seen on tv so many times, and i finally found it outside the cathedral.  so there ya go. 

now the following are the window displays from saks fifth avenue!  and they are GOREGOUS! 


we popped inside because i wanted to see the decorations inside.

we passed trump tower and there was a TON of cops around guarding the building.  there is guicci next door and i wanted to see those window displays but you couldn't even walk on the same side of the street as trump tower because that's where he lives right now.

this was the perfect night and i will hold it as a treasure forever! 


  1. Ah! My city! This post brings back so many memories of my beloved hometown! NYC is magical!

  2. This post makes me miss NYC SO much!! It looks like you had a great time- I can't wait to catch up on the first two posts tonight!

  3. Oh how I liked this post it is a bloody awesome place that I don't think I will ever get to visit

  4. When I went to NYC, they were still excavating the Ground Zero site, which was really word and very difficult to see. But also amazing.

    I didn't get to do the Statue of Liberty either.


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