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December 12, 2016

life hacks

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I remember each night at dinner growing up, there would be a certain something at the very center of the table.  As we set the dinner table, dinner wasn't ready until my mom had gotten out all the multivitamins from the panty and set them on the placemat in the center of the table.  Once we finished eating my mom would pass out 3 multivitamins each.  I grew up in a house full of girls, so my dad only got two because one was a woman vitamin.  If I only knew that multivitamins came in gummies!!  Centrum ® MultiGummies ® are actually really good and give me what I need. 

Life hacks are everywhere these days.  I love them!  They make life so much easier.  Thank goodness for living in the 21st century.   My favorite one as of late is that I can in fact eat my multivitamins in gummy form and they won't say "Child MultiGummies" on them.  Enter Centrum ® MultiGummies ®!  For adults.  

Here are some more life hacks that will save time for your busy social calendar:

1. The last thing I want when I meet friends is to have a zit.  It is so embarrassing!  One of my favorite life hacks is I put lemon juice on a cotton swap and hold it up to my zit for about 15 minutes.  The next day, my zit is nearly gone!  Its amazing.  Something about the acid in the lemon juice.  I usually have to do it one more time the next day but then it is totally gone.

2.  When I go dancing where I don't want to bring my purse and only want to bring cash but don't want it flying around, I empty a tube of chapstick and roll up the cash and put it in the tube.  That way, a pick pocketer won't know what it is and I don't have to carry my entire purse with me!! 

3.  I do not have time to always wash my clothes so instead I put my jeans in a ziplock bag and put them in the freezer to get rid of odors. Makes the jeans feel fresh and clean!

3. Coconut oil is magic.   I used to spend about 10 minutes in the morning, at least in the winter time, spreading lotion on my body, but now I spread coconut oil combined with moisturizer all over and it moisturizes like nothing else. I spend way less time moisturizing now.  I also use it as a makeup remover when I'm too lazy to wash my face.  It saves so much time and when I am meeting friends after work or am running late to meet friends and am feeling dry, I just slather some on and am ready to go!

I am anemic and have to take iron every day and have mentioned before that I have a terrible immune system, so I always try to take Vitamin D every day as well. I like that Centrum ® MultiGummies ® allows me to take some gummies instead of pills for my multivitamin.  They save time and make life so much easier.  Centrum ® MultiGummies ® contain antioxidants such as Vitamins C, E and Zinc which help support normal immune function.* and I feel good taking multivitamins during cold and flu season!  Centrum ® MultiGummies ® contain three natural flavors: Berry, Cherry, and Orange.  These multi-benefit multivitamins include 100% or more of essential nutrients, Vitamins B12, D, and E.  This is such a better alternative for me.  I hate taking multiple vitamins a day! Buy your Centrum ® MultiGummies ® and click here to get a coupon on your purchase of Centrum ® Multivitamins ®.  Taking your vitamins is yummy and gummy now!! Take advantage of this ultimate life hack!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

What are your favorite life hacks?  Please share!

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