Lot 48: i should have licked the floor more

December 2, 2016

i should have licked the floor more

i would ask why i am sick all the time but i know. i think i didn't lick the floor enough as kid. i didn't build up a good immune system as a kid and now i have a crappy immune system. i think that's what happened.  because today i have the flu.  i have a low grade fever.  again.  its like every other week i am sick.  yesterday i was feeling really nauseated and when i got home from work i took a four hour nap and then woke up at 12:30 am and then went right back to sleep and then taran woke me for work and i was so so sick i couldn't get up.  life is so fun.  this time i blame my nyc trip.  that is definitely something that could make someone sick.  everything is spinning.  how fun.

1. tonight we are going to see jim gaffigan!! i am SO EXCITED!! i have been wanting to see him live for, so so long.  he is our favorite comedian and we quote him allll the time.  one time when we were with my parents, we played one his albums for my parents and they loved it!  they never love comedians. so that is saying something!! and even after we left they watched his set on youtube!  i love that we got them hooked.  i am not looking forward going to his concert feeling like this but i have been waiting for this for months!  so go we will!!

2. my Church has launched a really wonderful campaign to keep in mind the true meaning of Christmas. i have a love/hate relationship with Christmas because it can get so commercial.  it focuses so much on presents on not on the Savior.  i try my best each Christmas season to focus on the Savior and His birth.  i always make a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas Day which might seem silly but its my favorite Christmas tradition that i started myself when i moved out.  click here to download a service advent calendar to give service all month long to remember to true meaning of  Christmas!!

3. i told you that i am performing at the dickens festival next week (eeek!) and getting really excited.  don't you worry, i am going to write a whole post about my feelings about getting back on the stage and about my (probably unwanted pointless) feelings about Christmas songs that sooo overdone.  but i have been listening to Christmas music earlier than usual this year because i have been preparing for my set.  i have never listened to Christmas music before halloween before, but i didn't mind it one bit! i am keeping my set a secret and am not telling anyone (except taran because he lives with me and hears me practicing, kind of hard to keep it from him) what songs i'm singing because it is a brand new set from what i have done before.  i am only repeating one song, which i am really excited about.  but i did want to share my Christmas playlist that i have been listening to on repeat!! what have you been listening to? send me songs on spotify! 

4. i really loved visiting st patricks cathedral in nyc.  it made me feel really close to my grandma.  i didn't realize how much i missed her until i was in a catholic cathedral. the catholic religion was so important to her and being in that cathedral made me feel so close to her.  i lit a candle for her.  i don't know if that is a thing since she has passed, i don't know if you light candles for those who have passed, but i did anyway.  i also bought a pendant to remember the cathedral by and i wear it everyday.  it makes me feel really close to my grandma.  its very special and i love it. 
5.  i feel so behind in decorating for Christmas!  i put up our tree before we left for NYC but we haven't put our ornaments on it an we haven't put lights on the walls yet. we will do that this weekend!  i hope everyone has a really, really lovely weekend!  ps i have my mom for Christmas this year for Christmas (we draw names) and i have no idea what to get her.  she is hard to shop for.  what are you getting your mamas? 
happy weekend and happy Christmas! 


  1. It's so easy to get off track during Christmas and not remember why it is a holiday after all. I usually do a bible study during this time to keep my heart in line. I love Christmas for so many reasons but it can be a bit over whelming. I hope you have fun tonight!!

  2. First sorry to heat you are not feeling well.
    Second the bit about licking the floor made me think of my youngest daughter who I can remember sitting out the back under the trampoline we had eating dirt.
    I love Christmas but it get as Kenj said be a bit over whelming at times, I try to remember the true meaning of Christmas but when one is feeling swamped with things to do it is easy to forget.


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