Lot 48: Christmas card 2016

December 21, 2016

Christmas card 2016

i was so busy this december that i really didn't have time to make a Christmas card so this card i just made in two seconds and am throwing up here and on social media.  this holiday card with letter won't be nearly as funny as taylor's because that girl is hilarious.  

we traveled a bit this year.  the whole family gathered for memorial day weekend which was a lot of fun and my niece london and i shared birthday celebrations which was really cute.  in april, taran and i went to LA because i was dying to go "home" because if you know me, you know that LA is my favorite place on earth and where i feel most at home.  in september, we went on family vacation to newport beach and took all the nieces and nephews to disneyland.  it was incredible to see disneyland through kid's eyes.  i wouldn't have missed that for the world.  over thanksgiving, taran and i went to new york city and had the time of our lives.  we also nearly killed ourselves and our feet from all the walking and exploring we did.  it was one of our favorite vacations we had been on we miss new york everyday and can't wait to go back someday!

this year taran's engineering consulting business has really taken off.  i am so proud of him.  i have never known a man who works harder, who has such a thirst for learning.  he is always reading books on how he can learn, how he can become a better engineer.  he constantly amazes me.  he is such a hard worker.

he has also been thriving at his job as a technical support engineer.  he has started teaching solidworks classes. what's solidworks?  explaining what my husband's job is takes a while to explain and i have to explain it a lot . so here goes.  he is an engineer.  he uses a program called solidworks.  it is a 3d cad (computer aided design) program.  when designing a product, like a medical device, you have to do it in 3d and you have to all kinds of things like math and geometry and test it using "flow simiulation" to test the stress of elements on the product.  like if it is a pipe you have to test in the program if the pipe can withstand the stress of water going through the pipe.  these are the kinds of things he does in his consulting business.  

in his day job, people call him because they have problems with solidworks and he solves those problems and walks them through what went wrong and how to fix their issues with the program. he has passed multiple certifications and i am so proud of him because he is teaching solidworks classes now which is huge for him because he doesn't like public speaking.

his bosses are so impressed with him that they are taking him on application engineering calls where they take him to the actual businesses to fix the solidworks programs in person.  my husband ROCKS.  

and me.  so you know i got fired.  but you don't have to worry about me.  i got things a cookin'.  this year i tried to be a 911 dispatcher which i quit after two months.  i have decided it was not a failure.  i wanted to be in law enforcement sooo badly and i would always wonder if i had what it takes, and now i know that i don't have what it takes.  now i don't wonder anymore.  after dispatching, i did temp work until i got a job working for my Church.  i was fired last friday.  but no hard feelings, it is for the best.

the rest of my family is good.  i have 3 older sisters.  in order of oldest to youngest:

jessica lives in palo alto while her husband is doing a medical research fellowship at stanford.  he is creating solutions to healthcare problems and recently went to new zealand and met with the prime minister to share he and his team's ideas on health care solutions.  jessica has 3 children and is pregnant and due in may.

andrea lives 20 minutes away from me, just north of salt lake city and her husabnd is a lawyer.  she has 3 boys and is expecting her fourth boy due in april.

rachelle lives in gilbert arizona while her husband goes to arizona state doing getting a grad degree in data analysis or something i don't understand.  rachelle has two girls. 

my parents live in the house i grew up in but are trying to sell it.  this past summer they traveled to russia, iceland and finland where my dad's brother is serving a mission for our church with my aunt.  my dad has a plane and a pilots license and my parents love love love going on adventures in his plane and flying to new places.  they mostly fly over the grand canyon or over zion national park because it is so close. they also fly to visit rachelle and jessica.  and they fly up here to salt lake city too.  

my dad still has his rock band and is still the coolest dad in the world. he also has his free clinic that he started when i was 9 and it is thriving . he is semi-retired and works at the practice that bought his practice, just two days a week.  so yes, my dad is better than yours.  

my mom keeps busy being awesome and being the best grandma ever and currently if you counted has 8 grandbabies and can't wait for 2 more to come.  

like i told you, this was not a funny Christmas letter and i wish i had that talent, but i don't! oh well! 

merry Christmas, happy holiday, Hanukkah, festivus or whatever you celebrate!  


  1. Love your Christmas card and update. I did love Taylor's she's hysterical. I hope 2017 brings you and Taran happiness and joy!

  2. We may have just sent out our cards yesterday- whoops! I guess it is more of a New Years card than anything ;)


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