Lot 48: 12 days of blogging: your favorite Christmas story

December 16, 2016

12 days of blogging: your favorite Christmas story

i am just so in love with this 12 days of blogging linkup that kendra and i started!  i am having so much fun and want to say thank you to everyone who read and everyone who has joined in!  join for some of the prompts or just leave a comment responding to the prompt, no pressure!  you can find all the prompts here.

so today is the fourth day so its your favorite Christmas story! and i don't mean the movie, i mean your favorite Christmas book!

i really didn't have to even think about this one.  it was a no brainer! i loved this book so much as a kid, and i still love it!  i fell in love with this book because it is about candy.  candy and candy and more candy.  and then it turns to be about Christ.

in case you haven't heard of it, its about this man who comes to this small town in right before Christmas.  he starts starts setting up shop at an empty store and the whole town is buzzing wondering what the new store will be.  is he a tailor?  a butcher?  but all the kids wish with all their hearts that it will be a candy store.  i really related to that ;).  sure enough, when the grand opening came, it was a candy store! the illustrations in this book are so delicious.  my favorite page is the page of the grand opening.  all the candy is in clear jars and it makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

the little girl in the on the book cover is in  the store one day when she comes across a candy cane.  she doesn't know what it is.  the man explains to her what it is and tells her the legend of the candy cane.  he tells her Christ was a shepherd and had a cane to herd his sheep.  the colors of the candy cane are white to wash away your sins and as clean and pure as His soul and red for the blood He shed when he died on the cross for us.

the man says he is going to go door to door and pass out candy canes throughout the town and tell the story of the candy cane.  the little girl begs to come with him to help share the story.  kind of creepy when you think about that arrangement, but the next illustrations are of them walking in blizzards carrying candy canes sharing the story of Christ and passing our candy canes.

now that i am older, i love this story even more.  i love that it pulls little kids in by getting them interested in the story with candy and then getting them educated on the story of Christ through candy.  i think one year i even passed out candy canes to my classmates at school and told the story.  its really brilliant when you think about it.

one of my favorite Christmas decorations growing up was this HUGE basket of Christmas books that we had right next to the Christmas tree.  i loved going through it and reading them all each year.  at Church one year, my youth group put together a compilation book of all our favorite Christmas stories.  we each contributed one and bound the books together.  that book is one of my favorites because it is short stories that mean so much to the girls i grew up with.  i love all those Christmas stories in that basket.  all those are so dear to my heart, so i can't wait to hear what stories are near and dear to your heart!

now you share your favorite Christmas story!! i can't wait to hear them all!

Lot 48


  1. I haven't heard of this book but it sounds so sweet!

  2. I had forgotten all about that book! I always love giving people candy canes and sharing the symbolism too - there's something so special about its simplicity.

  3. I have never ever heard of this story, I need to look it up now. I love the idea of having a basket by the tree with Christmas stories. It's a cute decoration but also such a great idea to read them all throughout the Christmas season!

  4. Never heard of this book but it does sound bloody interesting

  5. I have never heard of this story. I loved the Grinch who stole Christmas! Jess at Just Jess


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