Lot 48: 12 days of blogging: what i'm most grateful for

December 21, 2016

12 days of blogging: what i'm most grateful for

today is our ninth day of 12 days of blogging with kendra of be a lighthouse!  we are having so much fun with this linkup and hope you are too.

here are the remaining prompts:

Ninth Day -  Dec 21. What are you most grateful for this Christmas season 

Tenth Day -  Dec 22. Your favorite Christmas memory with pictures of Christmas past

Eleventh Day -  Dec 23. Your favorite Christmas crafts

Twelfth Day -  Dec 24. What are you excited about in the New year
so today is to share what you are most grateful for this Christmas season! 

i kept this quiet and purposefully hid this post in the many 12 days of blogging posts, but last friday i got fired.  merry Christmas, right? its humiliating and terrible and horrible and there are few good words to be said about being fired.  but oddly enough, there have been a lot of good things to come out of this firing. ill tell you soon, but not quite yet.  the suspense!

but at the same time, there is no denying that i lost my job.   a 20 second mistake cost me my job.  when you have access to 2 million followers on twitter and you make a mistake on that account, there is no room for forgiveness.  i am angry and feel emotionally beaten to a pulp.  like if someone would take a picture of my soul it would be bloody and bruised.


there is still a lot to be grateful for.

i am grateful that taran and i just went to new york and got to explore and have a wonderful adventure together.

i am grateful that we have a warm apartment that we  get to come home to with heat and food and blankets and tv and a number of other luxuries.

i am grateful that the other weekend when that crazy guy hit my car and broke into the apartment literally next to ours and started fighting with the family, we were safe and i feel guilty saying this, but he didn't break

i am grateful that taran has a good stable job that he has been at for a while now that loves him and his work.

i am grateful that taran's consulting business has taken off and he gets pretty steady work from it and he gets to learn and design and do engineering things i don't understand.  it makes him happy.

i am grateful that i am married to the most amazing, incredible, selfless man on earth who makes me happier than i ever imagined.

i am grateful that i have a father in Heaven who loves me more than i could possibly understand.

i am grateful that i have two nieces and/or nephews on the way.

i am grateful that that it is almost Christmas and i will be joining my family for the holidays later this week!

i am grateful that taran loves to experience adventures with me and loves to take leaps into the unknown with me.

i am grateful that taran has such a hunger for learning.  it is 100% the reason why he is so successful.  and that he is such a hard worker.

i am grateful that i have such amazing in laws.  they are so good to me and i really lucked out in that department.

i am grateful that for my family and especially my parents.  they never fail to support me.  pretty sure they love taran more than me.

i am grateful that i have 4 guardian angels, both sets of grandparents.  i am really, really lucky.

 i am grateful that i have a really honest and transparent marriage.  we don't lie or keep secrets from each other.  we communicate.  we laugh together.  we are so in love.  and i couldn't be luckier.

merry Christmas my darlings.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Lauren. I am so sorry you have to go through this at the start of Christmas week. I will be praying for you! I feel like this post came at the perfect time, there are still so many amazing things happening in your life!

  2. I am so sorry that happened. I know how terrible it feels, but I am glad you were able to find the good in it and still discuss the many things you are grateful for! I am thinking of you this season and hope you are able to find something new soon!

  3. Oh my Lauren I am so so sorry! I've been fired right before Christmas before and it's heartbreaking. I totally understand. I am sorry you are going through all this but I am glad you can still find things to be grateful for!

  4. I love Christmas, it is a wonderful time of year. I think it should be illegal to fire people at this time of year as it is just so wrong.


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