Lot 48: 12 days of blogging: showing off my decorations!

December 18, 2016

12 days of blogging: showing off my decorations!

hello hello!  i can't wait to show you Christmas decorations! this will be fun! kendra and i have been loving this linkup and are so happy that so many of you have joined.

i am so excited for today is the sixth day of 12 days of blogging so today we are showing off our Christmas decorations! can't wait to see yours! you can find all the prompts for 12 days of blogging here.

this is my tree! i have had it since i was a kid and have lugged it around with me everywhere since. so taken it with me to college and since. our apartment is small, just 630 sq. so we have never gotten a big tree in all our near 3 years of marriage. i would like a big tree and more decorations, but there isn't anywhere to put them all. but i do love my little 4 foot tree.

i had this tree at my desk at work, but since i don't have a job now, i brought it home and put it on my desk in my bedroom. it brightens up my bedroom and i love it! 

this isn't the best picture, sorry but when i was engaged my mother in law gave me this nativity set.  i have cherished it since then and loved that taran and i started our lives together with a nativity set. 

taran hung Christmas lights just over our gallery wall in our living room.

i put a little battery light in this snowman.  i don't remember where i got it. its on my dresser and i love it. 

we  got this at a holiday market in NYC recently!

and we got this one in NYC last month at the empire state building!

this is another one that we got at the holiday market in NYC!

my mother in law gave me this one!  its of little taran when he was a kid! it kills me!  he was such a cutie! 

another one my mother in law gave me of taran in a picture with his class! 

i had taran hang these lights in our bedroom!  i love love it! 

now you share your decorations!  i can't wait to see! 

Lot 48


  1. Each of those ornaments is so special!
    I love nativity sets too! I think every home should have a special one if you are a Christian!


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