Lot 48: 12 days of blogging: my favorite Christmas crafts

December 23, 2016

12 days of blogging: my favorite Christmas crafts

merry Christmas eve eve! Christmas is almost here, can you hardly stand it?

i am so happy to be home with my family.  just one more day after this of 12 days of blogging!

today we are sharing our favorite Christmas crafts and tomorrow we are sharing what what are you excited about in the New year!  thanks so much to everyone who linked up with us for 12 days of blogging!  kendra and i have loved this! 

these are ornaments that my mom had my sisters and i make when we were kids.  we painted them and i will always treasure them.

the perfect craft that i think is a tradition in every household is making a gingerbread house!  i joked with taran while we were making it that the gingerbread house at Christmastime is what pumpkins are at halloween.  hahha! 

being the engineer that he is, taran insisted that we let the house sit overnight before we decorated it so the structure would hold.  way to cramp my style!  i wanted to get to the fun part! but wait we did.

and then the fun part began!

i love how on the box it has this magical gingerbread house that you are supposed to magically craft out of the box but there is absolutely no way that you could make the gingerbread house on the box with the frosting they give you. 

my finished product always looks like a sad droopy orphanage that would be in a halloween film or something.

nevertheless, i still like having a gingerbread house in the apartment at Christmastime!

what are your favorite Christmas crafts!

tomorrow is the last day os 12 days of blogging!  the last prompt is: what are you most looking forward to in the new year?

Lot 48


  1. I've always loved making gingerbread houses but they always come out terrible or fall apart. Have you seen the new ones they have now, like the trains and stuff. I would love to try them!

  2. I think I've made a gingerbread house exactly once in my life. I love the idea of them, but the reality just frustrates me.

  3. Gingerbread houses look awesome only problem, I don't like ginerbread


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