Lot 48: 12 days of blogging: my favorite Christmas memory with pictures!

December 22, 2016

12 days of blogging: my favorite Christmas memory with pictures!

guys!! there are only three posts left (including this one) for 12 days of blogging! let me list the remaining posts:

Tenth Day -  Dec 22. Your favorite Christmas memory with pictures of Christmas past

Eleventh Day -  Dec 23. Your favorite Christmas crafts

Twelfth Day -  Dec 24. What are you excited about in the New year
Christmas is so close i am soooo excited!! today i go home for Christmas!  i can't wait!   we will all be together and it will be so great.  it will be so chaotic with 11 adults and 8 babies but i love the chaos.  once one baby starts crying, they all start crying.  all at once.  its kind of hilarious and really stressful.  
i mentioned that i have a brother named jon that we "adopted" who is coming home for Christmas!  i haven't seen him in FIVE YEARS!! his name is jon and he is from basque country in northern spain.  he was a foreign exchange student five years ago and lived with my parents when my sisters and i all had moved out.  he went to my old high school for a year and is permanently a member of our family.  we love him and he is such an amazing kid.  he just finished a semester at a university in texas and decided to come to us for Christmas instead of going home! i can't WAIT to see him when i get home tonight! 
this prompt is tricky.  really, my favorite Christmas memory is when we got max for Christmas but that was a gift and this prompt calls for a memory! 

i think my favorite Christmas memory is what we would do each Christmas morning as kids.  we were obviously super excited, so we would all wake up really early, like 6 or 7 am.  i mentioned that we had this great basket of Christmas books and on Christmas eve we would take some of them upstairs to where all our bedrooms were.  then, on Christmas morning while we waited for our parents for put the final touches on our presents, we could gather in my oldest sister jessica's room and she would read us Christmas stories.  we would all gather in her bed and she would read to us and we would all giggle and i remember having butterflies in my stomach because we were so excited. (jessica is the one above holding the plaque.  i have zero idea what the plaque is for.) i loved those moments with my sisters those Christmas mornings.  

then my parents would call out to us that it was time to come down and we would all line up in age order (switching off years! youngest to oldest one year- oldest to youngest the next year! we take this stuff seriously!)  then the cue to come downstairs was the dancing santa.  the dancing santa shook his booty while playing rockin' around the Christmas tree. then we would bolt downstairs and would first go to our stockings and then rip open our presents.  

the two above pictures are pictures that i have no idea what they are.  when i realized this prompt was today i texted kendra my lovely co host for this linkup and said "i don't have any pictures of Christmas past! they're all back home!" well luckily jon is already home for Christmas so i called him and asked to go into my mom's very organized boxes of pictures and take pictures of pictures and text them to me.  so i got some strange ones because i wasn't there to hand pick the pictures.  but THANK YOU BROTHER for sending me these or else i would have nothing.

the guys in the pictures above were guys that practically lived at our house when my two oldest sisters were in high school.  quinn and kyle. kyle has the red hair and quinn is blonde.  i send my sisters these pictures and asked them what was happening in these pics and they have no idea.  oh well.  i know they never celebrated Christmas with us, so i think this is just pictures of when my sisters gave them their presents?

i assume this is some kind of Christmas pageant i was in?  i have no memory of this.
now this! i do know what this is! this was when we got our karaoke machine i believe! man we used that a TON.  i would say it was the best purchase and best Christmas present other than our dog that we got for Christmas.  that Christmas day we got it, we spent the entire day just singing allll day and going through allll the songs.  and apparently we already had choreography?

another one of my favorite Christmas memories (wow is this post getting really long?) is our tradition of going to a chinese restaurant every year with our neighbor friends.  i loved it!  we would all gather at the same chinese restaurant every year and bring some of our presents (of course) and share what we got and laugh and talk and once we got older it was even more fun because some of us had moved out and we hadn't seen each other in a long time so it was so great to see each other.  i love that tradition.

now its your turn!  what is your favorite Christmas memory! sorry this post was so long! i can't wait to hear all about your memories! linkup below!

Lot 48


  1. I'm so glad you were able to get pictures!! They're awesome! It must've been so fun growing up with 3 sisters. I have one brother so I'm clueless on that. I got a karaoke machine one year and I totally understand the joy, I used it everyday for so long!!

  2. This is the first year that there will not be a crowd at my parents place for Christmas going to be just 5 of us, none of my girls are staying all have other plans they will just call in to say Merry Christmas


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